December through mid February is when we offer this special 2 hour trip that combines whale watching and wildlife viewing in one tour: $89 per person

At some point in early too mid December the Humpback whales that have been with us all summer will leave for their calving and mating grounds to the south. The California Grey whales start showing up late December but they tend to be difficult to find until mid February. So we will be in a bit of a hit or miss situation for finding whales during this time. While we will always go looking for whales on this tour we also want to enjoy some of the great weather and calm sea conditions that we get during our winter months. To that end we are combining our coastal tour with a possible whale watching tour to make this a fun and educational adventure. On this special trip we will view the Port San Luis Lighthouse and Smith Rock while sharing a few stories about the local history of this famous port that was a major trade center in the mid 1800's. If the weather is calm which it often times is, we will go far enough to the Northwest of the port to see the Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant. On every tour we will stop and observe the California Sea Otter, California Sea Lions, Pelicans, Cormorants and more. On occasion we also see Dolphins, Sunfish plus maybe some Humpback, Grey or Minke whales. As we adventure about the bay we will stop to share some fascinating tidbits about these animals lives.  So if you are up for a bit of an adventure with an open destination please join us for one of these fun tours. All ages are welcome.

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