Hello and welcome to Avila Beach Whale Watching, we offer both coastal  tours and whale watching on the beautiful central coast of California. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this area Avila Beach is located just 15 minutes from Pismo Beach or San Luis Obispo and less than one hour from Paso Robles. Whale watching is our specialty and due to our high success rate we have been ranked as the best boat tour in the area for the past 9 years on Tripadvisor (443 5 star reviews) and YELP (188 5 star reviews). Our tours are unique in that we only take 6 passengers per trip to ensure that everyone gets a front row position to see the whales and other wildlife. Our boat is an amazing 28 ft power catamaran that gets us to the whales faster and provides a more stable platform to take pictures from than conventional boats. Please click the menu tab for more information about us or our tours. If you have any questions please call me at (805) 540-4667

Covid 19 update: We are currently open and allowed to operate our tours as long as everyone wears a face covering for the entire trip.

What tours are available in December?

We are currently open for our 1 hour coastal explorer trips, private tours and ash scattering / burial at sea services. Whale watching is not available in December due to very few whale sightings historically but will return with the grey whales which should be here in good numbers by January 1. We will be closed for the Thanksgiving week.

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Who are we?

Avila Beach Whale Watching was originally Central Coast Sailing Charters and was also known as SLOsailing.com  We have a great deal of local knowledge and experience with the whales and other animals of San Luis Bay as we have been offering boat tours here since 2012 and in that time we have taken over 11,000 guests out to experience this wonderful place. To keep with our tradition of quality we still have a 6 passenger maximum on each trip making this one of the most personal and interactive whale watching excursions available in California. We have switched from using a sailboat to a much faster and more stable 28 ft power catamaran in order to get to the whales more efficiently which gives us more quality time with them per trip. We have built a reputation in the area for offering a unique and high quality experience for our guests and this is reflected in our online reviews. We are honoured to have been rated the best boat tour in the Avila Beach area for the past 9 years on both Tripadvisor and YELP. We are conveniently located on the Harford pier at Port San Luis which is very close to Avila Beach and just a 15 to 20 minute drive from Pismo Beach or San Luis Obispo. We offer whale watching tours, one hour wildlife viewing tours, ash scattering services and private charters. Please call Capt. Mark If you have any questions (805) 540 4667.