What to wear and bring to be comfortable ?

All two hour whale watching tours should dress for possible cold conditions! Year round temperatures out on the water are 50 to 60 degrees.

You will need to dress in layers so that you can adjust as the temperatures change. Our boat is open for the best viewing possible when we are with the whales.  That means we are exposed to the elements and when you factor in the wind chill and the potential for getting wet while we are searching for whales it can feel very cold. So if you dress like you are going snow skiing you will be nice and warm and will have a great experience! At the very least bring a sweatshirt and a waterproof rain jacket to keep you dry as there will be some spray from waves which might be heavy at times.  Long pants and rain pants are recommended all year. Warm hats and gloves are also recommended all year.We provide life jackets for all ages but if your children have favorite you may bring it for them. Please bring your own water and any special snacks you might like. If you suffer from motion sickness you should prepare yourself as on most trips we will be going out to where the ocean is moving!