Directions: please read all the way through

Unfortunately there is no street address for where you will be meeting me so you will need to follow these directions carefully. We meet all of our tours on the Harford Pier which is also known as Pier 3 or Port San Luis. To find the Harford Pier simply exit Hwy 101 traveling from either the North or South at Avila Beach Drive (Exit 195) and go west on Avila Beach Drive until the road ends in the parking area for the Harford Pier at Port San Luis. The address that works in most GPS / map systems to help you find this parking area is 3950 Avila Beach Drive. Once parked walk out onto the pier and look for the second 5 MPH speed limit sign on the right hand side of the pier as you are looking towards the ocean end of the pier. Our sign is 2 feet by 3 feet in size and is attached to the railing directly below the speed limit sign. Next to our sign is a staircase that leads below the pier to the public landing (a grey floating dock) which is where we will meet you 5 minutes before your scheduled tour starts. Please remember that we are not at the end of the pier. We are only about 100 yards from the start of the pier and on the right hand side under the 5 MPH speed limit sign. Another good landmark is the light blue building (Patriot sportfishing) which is on the left hand side of the pier and we are just 20 yards past this and across the pier. If you have questions please call Capt. Mark @ (805) 540-4667




35'10'13.0 N 120'45'19.0 W this is the exact location of our sign and the stairs for the public landing below the pier.

Parking in the Port area can be a real challenge on most summer days and year round on weekends so please arrive 30 minutes early to find parking. If you cannot find parking in the lot at Port San Luis there is hope as there is now ample parking on the hill leading up to the Flying Flags RV resort. As you are leaving Port San Luis and just past the entrance to the Diablo Canyon power plant look for this address sign on your left and proceed up the hill. The parking spaces on this hill are $10 per day and you must get a permit at the Flying Flags welcome center.