Ash scattering burials at sea with beautiful views of Pismo Beach, Avila Beach and the Central Coast.


If you have had a loved one pass and would like to rest their ashes at sea we can provide a private and peaceful experience. There are two options as to how we can place the ashes in the sea. We can pour them out of the urn they typically come in or you can purchase a special urn that will dissolve when placed in the water. To find these special urns please search (water dissolving urns) on google. The state of California requires a permit for depositing ashes at sea. It is very simple to obtain at your local county building by taking in the death certificate and asking for a VS-9 form to deposit the ashes in the waters of San Luis Obispo County.

The price for a 1 hour trip is $300 and longer trips are available by request. Starting times are 12:30 in winter and 1:30 in the summer. For reservations please call Capt. Mark (805) 540-4667


Please note there is a 6 passenger maximum.  


If you would rather not go out on the boat we do offer the option to drop off the ashes and have us take them out for you. We will respectfully place them in the sea and return to you a picture and the GPS coordinates of where the ashes were placed. The price for this service is $150