Private and custom tours are available year round. Do you have a special occasion to celebrate? Would you like a boat tour for just you and your family or friends? Are you a photographer that would like to seek out certain animals to photograph? We can make these trips happen for you. Please call Captain Mark at (805) 540 4667 to reserve a private or custom trip.

  • Private tours for just you and your family or friends.
  • Private tours can be any length of time from 1 hour to 8 hours in duration.
  • Our 28 ft Power Catamaran offers a stable platform for photographers and filmmakers. We have taken out hundreds of of photographers and filmmakers and we understand the best lighting angles and how to best position the boat to assist you. I worked as a special camera dolly on several Universal Pictures films ( The River Wild, Dante's Peak, George of the Jungle and Breakdown) and on dozens of commercials. I am happy to share these skills to get you in position to capture the best images.
  • Specialty trips for any occasion.
  • Ash scattering and burial at sea trips are available for up to 6 people for $325 weekdays, $350 weekends and $400 outside of our normal hours of 8:00am to 3:00pm.
  • "PACIFIC FLYER" Our 28 ft power catamaran is available for $350 per hour between 8:00am and 3 :00pm and $400 per hour outside of our normal operating hours.
  •  Please call (805) 540 4667 to reserve a private or custom tour.
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To reserve at private tour at regularly scheduled times please go to the reservations page and and click the "private event" box. Then find the trip date and time that you would like and if it is labeled with a green "Book" tag it is available! Click on that green "book" tag to reserve your private power catamaran adventure! Then you will have the boat to yourselves. Please call if you have any questions or would prefer a different start time or a longer or shorter duration tour other than what is offered. If all of the regular trips are full I may be able to add a tour just for you if time permits, so please call me at (805) 540 4667.


Your party may include from 1 to 6 people.