Please take personal responsibility for your reservation and double check your confirmation email to be sure that you have booked the time and date that you wanted. If you made a mistake please call or text me right away and I will fix it at no charge. If you wait more than 2 hours then the cancellation policy rules will kick in and there will be a 5% fee for changing your reservation. It is also good idea to read the cancelation policy before you make a reservation as we are fairly strict about no refunds if you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before the trip. Please note that we are limited to 6 passengers per trip by the Coast Guard so until that changes everyone regardless of age pays the same amount per person. We want you to enjoy your experience with us so please be prepared for the possibility of a wet, cold trip, it happens sometimes.  Nature is unpredictable and it is often times 15 degrees colder on the water than on the land.  To be prepared you will want to bring a waterproof jacket and wear warm clothes on all whale watching trips! Thank you for reserving a trip with us, we hope it will be warm and sunny for your trip and none of the jackets will be necessary. Please call or text me at (805) 540 4667 if you need assistance or have any questions. Cheers Mark