About Us

 We are a family business that is passionate about sharing the natural beauty of the central coast with our guests. We moved here in 2007, arriving in our sailboat / home after 6 months of traveling from the US Virgin Islands via the Panama Canal and along the coast of Central America. We fell in love with the beauty of  San Luis Obispo County and for the first time in our lives put down some roots to stay. Jennifer is a professor at Cal Poly State University teaching chemistry and helps in more ways than I could list here, she is the behind the scenes problem solver. Sierra is my daughter and the head of the I.T. department. She is also a big inspiration as to why it is so important for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Then myself, Mark, I will be your naturalist / captain on what we hope will be a wonderful boating experience. I am USCG licenced master of ships both sail and steam to 100 gross tons. In my lifetime I have taken over 18,000 guests on one type of maritime voyage or another. My experience with boating ranges from white water rafting / kayaking on some the worlds wildest and most remote rivers to sailing and powered vessel research expeditions. Before starting this business I ran the science under sail program at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium for 3 years. In this time, working daily with the Aquariums top naturalists I learned a great deal about the central coasts unique marine environment that I would greatly enjoy sharing with you and your family.  We pride ourselves on running safe and educational boating tours and as the most experienced boat tour company in the area and have taken over 11,000 guests out on to the bay without a single injury or incident of any kind. We are the only tour boat company to have been in continuous operation here in Avila beach since 2012. 

The Pacific Flyer

Our boat the "Pacific Flyer" is a 28 FT power catamaran that offers a much smoother rider than conventional boats and is more stable when we stop to observe wildlife. Everyone that has stepped aboard has mentioned the fantastic ride that these boats are famous for as we slice through the waves which gives one the feeling of flying over the water. This smooth ride allows us to travel fast and have more quality time with the whales! She is well maintained, has comfortable custom seating for 6 and sports a pair of new 150 hp motors. She is built to the highest standards and with foam filled compartments she is considered to be unsinkable.