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Hello whale lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world. We all know that watching these magnificent leviathans in the wild is an amazing experience but being wild animals sometimes they can be hard to find. Here is my best answer on when to go whale watching with the best chance of success. Summer is our big season for Humpback whales, it starts in late April and continues through the middle of November. During this time we find Whales or Dolphins on most days, feeding somewhere in the bay. Typically the most whales are here July, August, September and October. The Grey whales are a bit more difficult to predict as they are coming later each year based on how much Ice there is in the Arctic Sea where they feed in the summer. It now looks like January and into mid February for southbound Grey Whales.  Then from mid February through the end of March we see a big push of Grey whales going north back to the Arctic sea and this continues into mid April, which is just as the Humpbacks start arriving for the summer. 


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With few to no whales to see, whale watching is now closed until January 2nd when we should be well into the southbound migration of Grey Whales.

11-8 through 11-19 no whales 

11-8-21 No whales

11-7-21 No whales today.

11-6-21 No whales on the 9 am trip but we did find 5 ocean sunfish, some sea otters and sea lions. Then on the 11:30 we found one very big Humpback whale and hundreds of sealions feeding, we are hopeful more whales will join this large feeding frenzy tomorrow. 

11-2 through 11-5 closed

11-1-21 Great day on the water with dramatic skies and 5 Humpback whales on each trip. We are so glad to have some new whales in the bay. It seems like the whales that have been here all summer have left as we have not seen any of our familiar whales in 10 days now. It is typical for us to get a late season surge of feeding here as the whales coming down from the north find plenty of fish here to eat. we will see very soon if this plays out!

10-31-21 Today we found a big school of Tuna that were feeding and jumping out of the water and we experienced a very magical wall of fog that enveloped us as we played spooky music and then we found a Minke whale. On the 11:30 trip we found lots of Sealions offshore and some Harbor porpoise while we traversed the bay under some beautiful clouds. Unfortunately again there were no whales.

10-30-21 All trips cancelled due to heavy fog.

10-29-21 Unfortunately we did not find any whales today ,We did see a few Harbor porpoise, Sealions and Sea otters.

10-28-21 Our first day back after 7 day break to go to wedding back east. Not the best day for whales but we did enjoy a beautiful boat ride under clear skies. We did find some fun marine life with several hundred Common Dolphins on the 9 am trip and 30 to 40 Risso Dolphins on the 11:30 trip. this is common after a big storm for a few days so we are hopeful for tomorrow.

10-20-21 Today the skies above us were spectacularly beautiful with wispy white clouds and bright blue inbetween. The Humpback whales we found found today were also equally beautiful, 10 to 12 of them in a tight pod moving fast chasing a school of fish and surfacing quickly with bold moves and arcs before they would lift their tails high and dive deep. It was two of the more intensely beautiful whale watching trips of the year.

10-19-21 Very nice day with clear skies and very blue clear waters. The whales moved a bit from yesterday and so we ended up traveling a bit on the first trip but did end up with 3 humpbacks that were slowly swimming across the bay. Then on the 11:30 we enjoyed a very warm trip with a total of 6 Humpback in 2 separate groups that were again slowly swimming across the bay.

10-18-21 Amazing morning trip with 4 Humpback whales  feeding and then 2 of them engaging with us for about 30 minutes. The smaller of the 2 being the same juvenile that engaged  with us a few days ago. Today it raised up its head and let me touch it, It seemed to crave the interaction. The afternoon trip was also spectactular with 4 humpbacks feeding amongst 50 or more sealions.

10-16 and 17 closed

10-14-21 Beautiful sunny skies and 4 to 5 humpback whales on each trip. Both trips experienced some close encounters with a juvenile Humpback swimming up to examen the boat.

10-11 and 12-21 closed due to abnormally rough seas. 

10-10-21 Great day of whale watching, some breaching and some lunge feeding by 4 to 6 humpbacks on each trip and a Minke Whale on the 9 am trip

10-9-21 Today was spectactular! Clear skies and unlimited visibility, We found 4 Humpbacks on the 9 am tour and 6 on the 11:30 trip. Both trips also saw quite a few Harbor Porpoise.

10-8-21 The wind has returned and caused us to cancel the tours today.

10-7-21 Amazing whale watching today with 2 humpback whales swimming up close and under the boat for over 10 minutes! This was a very wonderful example of another species engaging with us!

10-6-21 Nice day of whale watching with 2 to 5 whales on on each trip and hundreds of sealions feeding along with the whales. we also saw a Minke whales on the 9 am trip.

10-4-21 "Whoa Nellie" the dolphins showed up today in huge numbers . Several hundred froliced about the boat for over 30 minutes and as they lead us to some Humpback whales the whales greeted us with some beautiful breaches.

10-2-21 The morning trip was very foggy and we offered to refund everyone and cancel the trip but the folks wanted to go and we were well rewarded with a lunge feeding Humpback whale along with sealions and diving pelicans. The 11;30 trip had clearing skies and we found 6 Humpback 4 of which played around us for about 20 minutes. One of them swam right up next to us for and was very engaging.

10-1-21 Today was a nice day of whale watching with a special 3 hour private trip seeing 12 Risso dolphins and 3 Humpbacks, 2 of which were lunge feeding along with hundreds of cormorants, pelicans and Murres. .

9-28-21 The wind was too strong today and we had to cancel the trips

9-27-21 Excellent whale watching today!! both trips saw 7 to 10 Humpbacks with some lunge feeding and a breach on each trip!

9-26-21 Each trip encountered 2 to 3 Humpbacks with each trip seeing at least 1 big breach!

9-23-21 The Fog lifted and we went out to find the whales. While they were a bit spread out we did find 3 Humpbacks on our 9 am trip and 4 on the 11:30 trip.

9-21-21 Too much fog to find any whales! Bummer.

9-20-21 Nice sunny day to be on the water. On the 9 am tour we found several different groups of Humpback whales , 2 cow and calf pairs swimming slowly about the bay and then a group of 4 that were feeding vigorously with several hundred sealions. On the 11:30 trip we found several pairs also that were mostly swimming slowly about the bay.

9-19-21 The whale activity is on the upswing once again!  Both of today's trips saw a dozen or more Humpback whales feeding vigorously with 50 sealions. Both trips had whales swim within 20 ft of the boat and both saw some breaching!

9-18-21 Todays morning trip saw 5 Humpbacks and the 11:30 saw 3  and they were mostly just moving about. everyday is different and every sighting is a gift.

9-17-21 Today was a little slow for us but we can only go see what mother nature provides. The 9 am tour saw 2 Humpback whales and the 11:30 trip saw 4 Humpbacks, about 20 Pacific Common dolphins and a few hundred sealions.

9-16-21 Good Day on the water with both tours seeing 5 to 7 Humpbacks and the 9 am tour enjoyed about 8 nice breaches.

9-15-21 Day off

9-14-21 toady we were with 10 to 15 Humpback whales that were feeding with 50 plus sealions and a few risso dolphins. The whales were super active and on the surface regularly.

9-13-21 Too many humpbacks to count , while we were actively engaged with as many as 10 at a time we could see more whales in every direction we looked.  September is always a great month for whale watching and this one is no exception.

9-12-21 Another fantastic day of whale watching . All 3 trips saw 10 to 29 humpbacks feeding out in deep water

9-11-21 Excellent whale watching all day! We were with 10 to 15 Humpbacks on each tour. 

9-10-21 Today was one of the best days ever for Humpbacks engaging the boat. On the 11:30 trip we had 3 Humpbacks swimming within a few feet of the boat and going under us and spy hopping along side! it was amazing and happened for 15 minutes each time!

9-9-21 Fog ruined our 8 am trip but the 10:30 trip saw 10 to 12 whales and moved  about with them for a good long time.

9-7-21 today we saw 10 Humpbacks lunge feeding near the shore on each trip

9-5-21 More Great Lunge feeding today! 10 to 15 Humpbacks plus all the other fun animals to see, Harbor Porpoise, Sealions , Sea Otters, Harbor Seals and thousands of sea birds . Gulls, Yeagers, Terns, Pelicans, Cormorants, Murres, Grebes, Shear waters and Phalaropes!

.9-4-21 Today was filled with magnificent lunge feeding by 10 to 15 Humpback whales ! We also saw Harbor Porpoise, Sealions , Sea Otters, Harbor Seals and thousands of sea birds . Gulls, Yeagers, Terns, Pelicans, Cormorants, Murres, Grebes and Phalaropes! what a great day to be on the water!

9-3-21 Absolutely beautiful day with clear blue skies and at least 8 Humpbacks on each trip!!!

9-2-21 Today we enjoyed another wonderful day of watching whales feeding! both trips saw 10 or more Humpback whales along with sealions and harbor porpoise. Both trips also had a whale swim very close to the boat to say hello.

8-31-21 We are still seeing the same 10 to 12 whales feeding in the same area as yesterday along with Harbor porpoise and sealions.. Plus thousands of sea birds :  Cormorants, Gulls , Yeagers, Pelicans, Terns and Murres. It is quite a show.

8-30-21 Another wonderful day of whale watching with 10 to 15 whales all lunge feeding in spectacular fashion on both trips! Hundreds of harbor porpoise and sea lion also. 

8-29-21 What a difference a day makes. Great day today with 10 to 12 whales lunge feeding on both trips plus hundreds of sea lions and Harbor porpoise in the mix. It was a very exciting day!

8-28-21 the 8 am trip was wonderful with a nice sighting of a cow and calf that swam peacefully with us for about 45 minutes and then we ventured out and found "Barney" a whale we see regularly and who did not disappoint with 2 big full breaches and several close passes to have a look at us.. The 10:30 trip was not so lucky and we did not find any whales.

.8-27-21 We started off in some dense fog but there are so many Humpback whales in the area it did not take long to find a pair with one being a very large whale whos tail / fluke was wider than our boat as it surfaced very close to give us a comparison. Then we moved on to a feeding frenzy of more whales and sea lions . On the 10:30 trip we got very lucky and traveled over a mile with a juvenile Humpback the breached over 30 times! Then we ended up at a feeding frenzy with 3 more whales and hundreds of sea lions. 

8-26-21 Today was another excellent day of whales watching with the 8 am trip seeing 8 to 10 whales in different groups of 2 s and 3 s, there was some breaching and some lunge feeding. On the 10:30 trip we found 7 whales very close to shore that were lunge feeding in a very frantic and wild pace. Super exciting!

8-25-21 Whoa Nellie today was spectactular, we saw 8 to 10 Humpback whales on each trip! Both trips saw lunge feeding and several spectactular breaches! the air was clear and the sky was blue which made it even more beautiful. 

8-24-21 Another good day of whale watching as we found 5 to 6 whales on each trip. We enjoyed about 30 minutes of  vigorous lunge feeding on the8 am trip and 2 to 4 whales feeding with several hundred sealions on the 10:30 trip. 

8-23-21 Good trips today with the 8 am trip seeing 3 Humpbacks moving about the bay and one nice breach. The 10:30 trip saw a bit more with 6 Humpbacks and a nice breach also. the sea is flat and the skies cleared to blue.

8-22-21 first day back after a little break and we found several whales on each trip. we enjoyed a bit of lunge feeding on each trip also.

8-17-21 We found some humpbacks lunge feeding near Pismo beach. One was a juvenile and the others were a cow and calf pair. some of the lunges through the fish were spectacular.

8-16-21 Unfortunately we had to cancel the 8 am tour due to heavy fog but it cleared in time for the 10:30 trip which had a great Adventure! We found a Pod of 15 to 20 Dalls Porpoise which we only see a few times a year. They are super fast and very exciting to watch as they feed. Then after a bit of searching we found 4 Humpbacks feeding amongst 1000 or more Pacific Common Dolphins. It was an epic adventure.

8-15-21 The 8 am trip enjoyed 3 Humpback whales lunge feeding near pismo beach and the 10:30 trip saw one but it was super active and lunge feeding close to the boat at times.

8-14-21 Today we made a long trek of well over an hour but we were well rewarded with one humpback whale that was so happy to see us that it breached continuously for over 30 minutes. We were also entertained by a few hundred dolphins that froliced about with tye boat!

8-13-21 Today was a bit tough but we did find one Humpback whale on each trip and they were farther offshore than usual. I am hopping this turns around soon.

8-12-21 the Humpbacks have moved farther off shore today. We did find 2 whales on the 8 am trip and a nice group of 6 lunge feeding on the 10:30 trip. Then we added a special private whale watch at 1 pm and found the same 6 feeding several miles farther out than on the 10:30 trip.

8-10-21 Nice trip today with several groups of Humpback whales feeding in the same area as yesterday. very active and some good lunge feeding.

8_9-21 More of the same great whale watching today. The 8 am trip enjoyed a go sized feeding frenzy of 8 to 10 Humpback whales and 10 to 12 Breaches close to the boat. The 10:30 trip saw a variety of feeding behaviors by 10 to 15 Humpback whales moving about in 3 separate groups.

8-8-21 Another great day of whale watching with both trips seeing at least 20 Humpbacks feeding and a few breaches at a distance for the 1 pm trip ( the 8 am trip was moved to 1 pm due to dense fog at 8 am) and several big breaches close to the boat to top off the 10:30 trip

8-7-21 Soo many whales today! The huge feeding frenzy of the past 2 days has grown and has 20 to 30 Humpback whales spread out over about 1 square mile, lunge feeding, tail slapping and breaching are visible in multiple directions. One word, Awesome

8-6-21 We had a lot of fog in the morning and recommended that we cancel but some of the passengers really wanted to try anyway and things worked out very well. With very limited visibility we ventured out and found 10 plus Humpback whales in a big feeding frenzy with hundreds of sea lions and porpoise, The 10:30 trip had some clearing skies and better visibility. Turns out the feeding frenzy is huge and there are over 25 whales feeding there with thousands of birds and sealions galore. Hundreds of Harbor Porpoise froliced about the boat as we watched the whales. Great day to return from our vacation

8-3-21 through 8-5-21 we are closed for a little family vacation.

8-1-21 Today was spectacular with 6 to 10 Humpbacks feeding vigorously on both trips. The 8 am trips also got to see a few breaches!

7-31-21 Unreal trips with over a thousand dolphins plus whales and sealions on the 8 am trip. The 10:30 trip saw some intense lunge feeding and a big Mola Mola.

7-29-21 Another good day of whales watching here on the central coast. We watched 3 Humpback feeding with 50 plus sea lions on the 8 am trip and then we found 4 whales lunge feeding together on the 10:30 trip.

7-27-21 Great day today on the 8 am trip we found 2 cow and calf pairs ( 4 Humpback whales ) that each come up to the boat to engage with us. They were up close next to the boat for over 20 minutes, spy hoping and rolling within a few feet of the boat. If that was not enough then one pair started breaching and ended up jumping 4 or 5 times! The 10:30 trip had a nice visit with one of these same pairs a few miles farther out but they seemed a bit tired out from the mornings activities and did not repeat the theatrics of the earlier trip. but they did allow us to travel with them for a good long time.

7-26-21 Well it had to happen eventually.At 8 am  we went out in pretty foggy conditions to find the whales had moved and we could not find a one. We did see an enormous ocean sunfish and some harbor porpoise and sealions though. On the 10:30 we did find 4 Humpback whales but they were very far away (10 miles) and while we were there it started to rain so we had a bit of a wet ride back to the port.

7-25-21 Amazing day for whale watching as we saw 6 to 7 whales lunge feeding on each tour. The 10:30 trip had the added bonus of  getting some breaching also.

7-24-21 unreal day with massive lunge feeding through a huge bait ball of anchovies. 20 to 30 humpbacks were in view the entire time we were with the leading group.

7-23-21 Today was amazing in a different way with a huge feeding frenzy of 15 to 20 Humpback Whales, 10 Pacific Common Dolphins, 100 plus Harbor Porpoise and 500 plus Sealions all feeding together. It was nonstop action for the entirety of each trip.

7-22-21 It just keeps getting better out there! the 8 am tour found 5 Humpback whales 2 of which were breaching together for about 20 minutes and then one of them just kept on jumping and pectoral fin slapping for an hour. We saw over 50 beaches on this tour! The 10:30 trip found 7 or 8 humpback lunge feeding which was very spectactular. Then a friend that we named "the 1" came over and rolled and interacted within 10 ft of the boat for 30 minutes. It was a great inter species experience.

7-20-21 Amazing whale watching today with 10 plus Humpbacks in an exciting feeding frenzy on both trips. There were a few breaches and some amazing lunge feeding with 4 to 5 whales hitting the surface at a time

7-19-20 Too foggy to go out at 8 am , bummer but the 10:30 went out and found 6 whales and saw 2 huge breaches!!

7-18-21 Wonderful trips today with both trips seeing a couple of breaches and some lunge feeding. 

7-17-21 7-16-21 Today was fantastic whale watching on both trips. We found 8 to 10 humpbacks all lunge feeding together in a big feeding frenzy. We also could see 10 plus more whales nearby and we had Harbor porpoise and hundreds of sea lions in the mix. It was non stop action in one of the most action packed feedings I have seen this year. 

7-14 and 7-15 off

7-13-21 Nice day of whale watching with both trips seeing 4 to 6 Humpbacks

7-12-21 BEST DAY OF THE SEASON! The 8 am trip found several Humpback but we really lucked out with a cow and calf breaching and then at least one other calf breaching also. In total we saw at least 20 breaches. I do not know how the whales could possibly know this but today was Fred's birthday and once again the whales treated us to Birthday Breaches! Thank you Fred for sharing your great birthday whale influence with us!  Then the 11:30 trip found 7 to 9  whales lunge feeding with two juveniles that pretty much just kept breaching for 30 minutes!

It was an amazing day of whales jumping high into the sky.

7-11-21 It was a bit overcast today but the gloomy skies did not detour the whales from being active! We found a cow and calf pair swimming across the bay and after about 20 minutes of observation of typical behaviors they suddenly became very active. First the calf breached in a huge jump then the cow joined in. Then both were jumping! It was spectactular to see them clear the water and get in full rotations! Humpback gymnastics team training?

7-10-21 Beautiful day for whale watching with clear skies and smooth water. We found 2 Humpbacks lunge feeding along with 30 plus sealions. They were hitting the surface at high speed and getting close to half of their bodies out of the water!

7-9-21 Today was spectactular weather wise and abundant with Humpback whales and 1 Minke whale. All 3 trips today saw lunge feeding and numerous tails as we watched 5 to 6 whales feeding vigorously. ( the 1 hour coastal explorer trip  opted for whale watching as the whales are just 2 miles out which is 5 minutes for us in our fast catamaran power boat.)

7-8-21 Very nice whale watching today. The 8 am trip found 2 Humpback whales very close to shore and after about 10 minutes we lost them and so went exploring for more and found about 100 off shore bottle nose dolphins which are very big dolphins and we played with them for 30 minutes. On our return route to the port we found 3 more Humpback whales and a dozen Harbor porpoise. The 10:30 trip had a really nice show from 5 Humpback whales that were feeding just 3 miles out and we engaged with them for well over an hour!

7-6-21 Spectacular day for whale watching as, the ocean came alive today with increasing NW winds building the waves up which made for some very exciting

6-5-21 Another great day for whales watching as we found several groups of humpbacks feeding on both tours. We saw breaches and lunge feeding on both tours also. The sun came out early and skies were beautiful. The air was crystal clear and we could more whales spouting a few miles out from where we were with 10 to 12 that were feeding.

7-4-21 Happy 4 th of July! The whales put on a great fireworks like show today with 12 to 14 whales lunge feeding in a small area. It was one explosion after another as the whales surged up through the anchovies as sea lions bolted out of the way! It was spectactular.

7-3-21 We are currently enjoying some amazing whale watching! Today the whales were very active on both of our trips and close enough to shore that we spent an hour and a half of each 2 hour tour watching them feed. We saw lunge feeding and a few breaches even one double breach ( two whales jumping at the same time ) . We were with 8 to 12 whale at a time and it was all very exciting.

7-2-21 Today the whales moved much farther off shore to about 7 miles. The sighting were fantastic with 2 whales breaching plus 8 lunge feeding on the 8:00 am trip and 10 to 12 whales lunge feeding on the 10:30 trip.

7-1-21 Great whale watching on all of our trips today! Intense lunge feeding on the 8 am trip with 10 to 15 Humpbacks in view. The 10:30 enjoyed the same and a close encounter, interaction as a juvenile Humpback played close to the boat for about 5 minutes. Looking in all direction we are seeing 20 to 30 whales within 1 mile of us at any given moment..

6-29-21 One of the best days so far this year. There is a huge amount of anchovies in giant schools that the whales are feeding on just a few miles offshore! Today we saw as many as 10 whale lunge feeding together, breaking the surface at high speed with their mouths open as fish flee in every direction. We are seeing whales every direction we look, might be as many as 40 feeding within one mile of us. Great day to be whale watching.

6-28-21 Another amazing day of whale watching! both trips saw as many as 8 to 10 Humpbacks Lunge feeding simultaneously, this is just incredible to see as it is so powerful to have 8 animals that weight 60,000 pound each crashing up through the massive schools of anchovies. The whales are trumpeting and splashing as the slap their fins and turn down to go get some more fish. Today was as good as whale watching can be. The schools of fish that these whales are feeding on are huge and we should have none stap action for at least the next 7 days!!! We saw at least 20 different individual whales on each trip.

6-27-21 Todays trip was fantastic as we found the huge schools of anchovies appear to have gotten even bigger. Each trip saw at least 20 different whales and many lunge feeding displays with 6 to 8 whales lunging up through the fish simultaneously.  The 8 am trip lucked out a bit and also saw 500 plus pacific common dolphins.

.6-25-21 EPIC DAY! Great whale watching on both trips today. We saw 10 to 15 whales lunge feeding with hundreds of sea lions on both trips and some White Sided Dolphins on the 10:30 trip.  We got soaking wet on  an incredible trip back from 8 miles out when the wind came up at 11:30. Epic day all the way around.

6-24-21 With a warming ocean current pushing up from the south the bay has exploded with life! the 8 am trip found 4 humpbacks lunge f eeding and we saw several others moving about the bay. On the 10:30 trip thing picked up as we watched 6 whales lunge feeding near us and then at least 15 more in the nearby area. Dalls porpoise which we rarely see showed up also which was a treat and of course there were hundreds of sea lions on each trip. All of this under a beautiful cloud layer with ultra clear air under that allowing us unlimited visibility over the water!

6-22-21 today was magical with three whales on the 8 am tour that were fairly tranquil as was the beautiful still morning with the sea as calm as we ever see it. The 10:30 trip was more active with 2 whales lunge feeding very aggressively in some huge eruptions as they burst up through the anchovies.

6-21-21 Today was another wonderful day of whale watching. The 8 am trip enjoyed 2 humpbacks feeding with about 50 sea lions. we saw some lunge feeding and a partial breach along with dozens of surfacing and big tails when they dove. The 10:30 trip was about the sames but with a couple of breaches added in to make things exciting.. Then we turned the 1:00 pm coastal trip into a whale watch and found 4 humpbacks feeding  voraciously with about 100 sea lions. 

6-20-21 Best fathers day ever for a dad at work getting to enjoy some fantastic whale watching. First the 8:00 am trip found 8 whales feeding and witnessed 4 breaches!! Then the 10:30 trip spent time with 2 lunge feeding whales before moving to find a beautiful cow and calf pair. After we traveled with those for a bit we moved again to find 4 whales vigorously feeding with 50 or more sea lions.

6-19-21 Todays 8:00 am trip did some traveling for well over an hour before scoring a great sighting with 3 Humpbacks one of which preformed several breaches close to the boat! The 10:30 trip did well also sighting 8 Humpback whales feeding in a frenzy of sea lions and birds. then they got a bit more frisky and we saw 4 nice breaches. Great Day.

6-18-21 Bummer day with lots of fog and no whales sighted.

.6-17-21 Dolphin Day. Today we spent an hour with around 100 Pacific White Sided Dolphins as they played and danced around the boat. It seems like each day we are seeing more and more of a variety of animals on our trips! I can not wait to go out tomorrow. 

6-15 and 16 closed. 

6-14-21 Beautiful tour today at 8 am. Stared off a bit foggy but then cleared and we found 2 Humpbacks feeding along with about 25 sea lions. We also spotted another whale about 500 yards away.. The sea conditions were glorious! Unfortunately the wind came howling in at 10:30 and we were not able to return to the whales so we went for a nice wildlife tour instead.

6-13-21 EPIC DAY OF WHALE WATCHING, we found 5 to 6 hundred Common Dolphins on each trip and 4 Humpback on the 8:00 am trip and 1 on the 10:30 trip. The skies were overcast but then cleared to a perfect deep clear blue and the dolphins played around the boat the entire time. We also found 8 Risso Dolphins on the 10:30 trip.

6-12-21 We found 3 humpback just as the wind started to blow but as we returned towards shore we found 1 humpback that was lunge feeding and at one point it swam upside down very close to the boat. 

6-11-21 Too rough again today

6-10-21 Very windy making for rough sea conditions, no bueno for finding whales

6-9-21 Todays gorgeous morning skies and light wind made for one of the most beautiful trips we have done in awhile. We spend an hour with a very nice cow and calf pair with another whale blowing near by. Then the wind picked up and so did the seas which made for a fun ride back to the Port. Unfortunately for the 10:30 trip the sea was too rough to go back to the whales but the folks opped for a 1 hour coastal trip which was equally wonderful but just without whales. On that trip we saw dozens of Otters along with Sea lions and harbor seals. We also found some cormorants nesting on the cliffs and the offshore rocks.

6-8-21 Beautiful clear sunny skies today! It was a good day with 1 Humpback whale on each trip and just outstanding visibility.

6-7-21 The seas were a bit big today making for a very fun ride out and back to the whales. We found 2 Humpbacks and one put on quite a show lunge feeding all around us and showing us its pectoral fins on many occasions. 

6-3-21 A bit foggy today but we found a whale on each trip.

6-2-21 Both trips enjoyed excellent whale watching today! We spent almost the entire 8 am tour with first one then two Humpbacks along with some Harbor Porpoise. The 10:30 trip did some traveling to find whales but then spent 45 minutes with 3 Humpbacks and saw some lunge feeding!

6-1-21 Awesome trip this morning with 5 Humpback whale feeding in a good sized frenzy of sealions and sea birds. one of the whales breached ( jumped out of the water) twice ! The ocean was smooth and flat with no wind to make this trip even better.

5-31-21 Today the wind calmed down and we were able to go out and really see! We found 1 minke and 3 humpbacks at 10:30 and the same 3 Humpbacks at 1 pm. They were very active, feeding on the surface even lunge feeding at times. There was also lots of trumpeting as they competed with the sealions for the fish. We had a few close encounters on each trip were we felt the mist of their spouts as the blew just up wind of us.

5-30-21 The wind backed down a bit and allowed us to go out today but we did not have much luck, the seas were still fairly big and cumbersome to navigate through.

5-25-21 through 5-29-21 The dreaded spring winds have forced us to cancel most of trips

5-24-21 Whoa Nellie did it get windy and rough on our 9 am trip! It was worth it because we saw a dozen or more breaches by our very playful juvenile Humpback that we have been enjoying for the past 3 weeks. The ride back was wet and wild with everyone whooping it up as we plowed through the big waves. We did cancel the 11:30 though as the sea conditions were getting worse.

5-23-21 After several days of very rough sea conditions we were finally able to venture out to the whales today.  We found 3 Humpbacks feeding and interacted with them for about an hour. 

5-18-21 With the wind rising and the swell getting big we had no luck on the 9:00 tour and had to cancel the 11:30 trip

5-17-21 Excellent whale watching on both tours today. We had 4 to 7 whales in sight on both trips and spent some quality time with 2 to 3 swimming close by several times.

5-16-21 Today was just plain fun. The 9 am tour saw 6 to 7 whales moving and feeding about the bay. the 11;30 tour was a special birthday celebration group and the whales seemed to know some how. We were with a juvenile Humpback for quite a while when it suddenly started breaching near the boat! for 20 minutes it was jumping and frolicing about and when we moved it came with us. the whale seemed to want us to stay and play with it!

5-14-21 Wonderful trip today with an hour and a half of time with up to 5 Humpbacks at a time. We saw 2 breaches and dozens of of flukes (tails) with whales swimming close to us several times.

5-13-21 Todays 11:30 trip was one of those great ones that we will be talking about for awhile. With a birthday being celebrated on board the whales did not disappoint as we had a engaging encounter with a juvenile Humpback. This wonderful whale swam up close to us (2 to 3 feet) and under us several times before starting a series of breaches and half breaches that lasted for an hour!  Much of this trip we were with 3 whales and at one point we were with 5. The  9 am trip was nice also with 2 Humpback whales swimming with us for about 45 minutes.

5-11-21 Today was a bit overcast and looking a bit cold and drippy when we started but we soon found 3 Humpback whales and enjoyed an magical tour at 9 am. Then on the 11:30 trip we spent a lot of time with one whale until we found 4 more on our way home so we spent 20 minutes more time with them. Overall this was a very fun day to be out with the whales

5-10-21 Awesome 9 am trip with 2 humpbacks swimming under and around the boat for 15 minutes of the 45 minutes we spent observing them. I think they were observing us just as much. The 11:30 trip enjoyed a nice 1 hour encounter with a beautiful juvenile whale that was feeding on it own. We looked and looked but mom never did show up.

5-9-21 Three to 4 humpbacks on each trip! Happy mothers day to all.

5-8-21 Today we had some big waves and the wind came up early which forced us to cancel the 11:30 trip. The 9 am trip did have a good tour with 5 humpback whales and some nice Tail displays under very clear skies.

5-7-21 The whales were very close to the harbor today as we found 3 whales within 1/2 mile of the port on the 9:00 am trip! This was lucky for us as the wind was strong and the waves were big. We had to cancel the 11:30 due to the rough sea conditions.

5-6-21 Nice morning trip today with 4 Humpbacks, 2 of which did some big breaches for us! 

5-5-21 Three humpback whales joined us on the 9 am tour and showed us some big beautiful flukes (tail). The 11:30 trip started off with a grey whale sighting and then we found the same 3 whales as the first trip. Very nice whale watching day for us.

5-4-21 More epic whale watching with a big feeding frenzy happening 7 miles out. We enjoyed 4 Humpback  whales on the 9 am tour and things escalated to 7 to 8 whales on the 11:30 trip.

5 5-2-21 EPIC TRIP at 9:00 am. We went out with large swell and a windy forecast but the big winds held just long enough for us to get in some great whale watching.  We found 10 to 12 whales feeding with hundreds of sealions and thousands of birds. It was very exciting to see the whales held up before us in the big waves!

4-29-21 Super day of whale watching. We found 10 to 12 Humpbacks on each trip that were involved in a big feeding frenzy with 100's of sea lions and 50 plus Harbor porpoise. Hundreds of sea birds were also there adding to all of the excitement! We enjoyed many close encounters and a few breaches and tail lobs.

4-27-21 Today was very peaceful and calm on the bay as we found 3 Humpbacks moving slowly about the bay.

4-26-21 We found 4 Humpback on Each trip that were feeding fairly close to the harbor. Lote of big tails (flukes) comoing high out of the water as the whales dove to get under the anchovies. We also saw 1 good breach!

4-25-21 Today was a bit cold with over cast skies and the threat of rain hanging over us all day but it was worth it. Both trips spent a good long time with a cow and calf pair of Humpback whales. On the 9 am trip we watched the calf play with sealions and perform several pectoral slaps. On the 11:30 trip this same calf did a spectacular full breach only 100 ft from the boat

4-24-21 Both trips saw 4 to 6 whales all moving about the bay feeding on anchovies and showing us their tails in a grand display as they were diving deep to go after the fish

4-23-21 We are back on the water ( wearing a knee brace) and what a great day it was! We saw 8 to 10 whales on each trip and the 2 we spent the most time with were huge Whales. They are slowly circling the bay eating anchovies and while we were with these two behemoths we saw other whales all around us. If you have been waiting for the humpback to return now is a go time to go whale watching.

4-20 through 4-22-21  closed 

4-19-21 Today was one of those very memorable trips,at 9 am we went out with a rather foggy sky and low .ng sprayed with the spouting water and then smelling it. It is awful and wonderful at the same time. Then as the sky cleared the whale did a huge breach only 100 ft from us. We were this big fella for about 40 minutes before the wind increased and the seas grew large enough we felt it was time to go before it got to rough..  Unfortunately the 11:30 trip was unable to return to this spot and we were unable to find any whales near shore.

4-17-21 We found the 3 Humpbacks that have arrived early this year and they are BIG! We had many very enjoyable sightings as they are diving for anchovies and showing their Flukes with gusto as they sound.

4-15 and 16 closed

4-14-21 Fantastic Trip Today! 3 Humpback whales showed up and put on a show for us. First a wonderful double breach with 2 whales jumping one after the other and then the third whale did a fairly long breach run of 7 or 8 breaches followed by some pectoral slapping. I hope this is the beginning of the Humpback season!

4-13-21 After a long shut down due to first taking some time off and then bad weather with high winds and rough seas we finally made it back out onto the water today. On the 9 am trip ; after an hour of searching we came across 2 cow calf pairs heading north and staying very close to the kelp beds. It is a beautiful sight to see these amazing moms so dedicated to their calfs as they move them towards the arctic. the 11:30 was not so lucky even though we had better sea conditions. We only found one pair and they also were very close to the kelp beds and somehow we lost them after only one brief sighting. We should start to see more and more of these cow and calf pairs over the next 4 weeks.

4-2-21 Magical day for us with 4 Grey whales stopping to feed just outside of the inner harbor. While the majority of the Grey whales will not eat for 5 to 6 months while on this  amazing migration some of the non breeding population ( to young or to old) will stop and search the bottom for crustaceans and worms. This is what we saw yesterday on both trips which allowed us to spend 90 plus minutes with the whales in close proximity to the boat.

4-1-21 Wow another beautiful day here on the central coast! After 40 minutes of searching we found several Grey whales  near Pt Bushon and then on or way back home we found a Humpback whale (our first of the year) and then 4 more grey whales!! On the 11:30 trip our good fortune continued as we found 4 Grey whales after just 5 minutes of looking and then we went looking for the Humpback and found it a few miles up the coast! Overall a great day with warm temps and clear skies plus lots of whales.

3-30-21 today was beautiful and warm in the harbor but a chilly out with the whales. be sure to bring warm jackets if you want to enjoy the whales! We traveled with 4 whales for over an hour on the 11:30 trip and saw at least 8 more , it was a rather magical adventure. The 9 am trip was cut short due to sea sickness and so saw only 2 whales. Be sure to take an anti nausea drug if you are prone to getting car sick as you will most likely need it. 

3-29-21 to windy and rough no trips

3-28-21 to foggy at 9 am and then too windy at 11:30 it must be spring time!

3-27-21 the day started off rather foggy but we still found 3 grey whales on one trip and 1 whale on the other. I think if the visibility had been better we would have seen more.

3-26-21 We had a bit of a wind storm yesterday which left the ocean a bit lumpy today but even with that we found 10 Grey whales on the first. They were slowly making their way north and let us travel along with them for over an hour. The 11:30 trip also enjoyed some beautiful whale watching as we traveled with 5 whales steadily making their way north towards the arctic for the summer feeding season.

3-24-21 After 2 days of bad weather , rough seas and cancelled trips the seas calmed and we enjoyed 2 wonderful trips. Each trip saw 8 to 10 whales spouting and spent a good deal of time traveling with 2 whales as they make their incredible migration back to the arctic for a summer of feeding.

3-21-21 Today was another challenging day with large waves and strong winds but the guests wanted to try and so we went. After a fairly rough 30 minutes of looking we found a very curious whale that swam with us and came up next to the boat and under the boat for 10 minutes. It was an amazing experience as it raised its head out of the water several times to look at us and it sprayed us with water several times as it exhaled only 1 or 2 feet from the boat. This was another once in a life time experience for our guests and twice this week for us.

3-20-21 Even though we had some challenging sea conditions with a large swell and some fairly strong winds the guests on both trips were game to try and see if we could find whales. Both trips were well rewarded for their efforts with excellent whale watching as we engaged with 3 to 4 whales in close proximity on each trip and the 9:00 am tour saw at least 8 different whales. All of the guests came well prepared with warm clothes and good jackets which is what made it possible to enjoy todays adventures. watching a 40 ft Grey whale rise up through an 8 ft swell is a rather magnificent sight!

3-19-21 Magical encounter today with a very curious whale that swam over to us and came up under the boat and looked at us, just hovering under the stopped boat for about a minute. It was only about 1 foot under water and slowly rolled from one side to the other as we stared directly into its eye as it seemed to be just as enthralled with us as we were with it! I always wonder what they would say if the could communicate with us.

3-18-21 Today was one of the best days this new year for sea conditions and lots of whales. The ocean was as flat as it gets and the sun was shining brightly giving the sea a caribbean esc look. we saw 8 whales over all with 4 very close to the boat as they swam by us heading north.

3-17-21 After being shut out by strong winds creating ugly seas we got back on the water for 3 trips and all of them found an abundance of whales. We were constantly seeing other whales less than a 1/2 mile from us as we were engaging with whales that were near to us. The migration is still going strong and we expect it to for at least another 2 to 3 weeks.

3-14-21 The day offered fairly calm sea conditions for some amazing whale watching. On both trips we found a group of 5 Grey whales slowly rolling about on the surface. They were rubbing and rolling against each other in a beautiful dance that was mesmerizing to watch. Flukes and pectoral fins rose out water many times as they rolled and we cheered. We were not the only ones taken in by this display as 2 Risso dolphins circled the whales for over an hour watching them with us.  It is known as courtship behaviour  when the Greys behave this way and we all felt very lucky to be a part of this very special dance. We saw other whales swim past as we drifted with these whales which if i was to guess on the total number of whales we saw per trip I would have to go with 10 to 12. That was a very good day. 

3-13-21 the streak of excellent whale watching sea conditions ended with todays 9:00 am trip being a bit rough but we persevered and had a very nice trip with 6 grey whales total. the 11:30 was not so lucky and we had to abort the trip after just a few minutes as it was just too rough to get out to the whales. we did get to enjoy a very nice coastal trip though with the high light of watching 4 sea otter moms care for their new pups.

3-12-21 Today was a bit cold on the water but was a wonderful time with the whales. On the 9 am trip we saw at least 12 whales and spent a good deal of time with 5 of them in close proximity to the boat. On the 11:30 we also encountered several whales and spent a long time with 3 fairly close to us.

3-11-22 Back on the water today and it was Magnificent! Big puffy clouds and bright blues patches of sky between them with green hills in the background framed the backdrop of our photos as we traveled with 7 grey whales on the 9 am trip. We saw at lest 8 more whales within 1/2 mile of us. When we traveled back to the port we were treated to the company of 6 or 7 Risso Dolphins! That was a very nice way to get back on the water after a few days off. The 11:30 trip travel with 2 grey whales for an hour and a quarter and then saw a couple more as we returned to the port. The whales are here and it should be great whale watching for the next 3 to 4 weeks and still be good until the end of April.

3-7-21 No whale watching trips until 3-11-21 due to pier repairs and jury duty forcing us to close down for a few days.

3-6-21 the windy rough conditions have returned so no whale watching today.

3-5-21 Todays 9 am trip was one of the best of the winter season . We traveled for an hour with 4 grey whales as they made their way north up to Pt Bushon. As we went along we saw them raise their flukes high on many dives  and had beautiful green hills to gaze upon as we awaited their next surfacing. Then just when we thought it could not get any better we saw some Pacific White sided dolphins that were jumping strait up out of the water 10 to 12 ft!  As we went over to see them a bit closer they raced over to us and began surfing our wake and darting back and forth in front of our bow. it was mesmerizing as they sped about our boat and escorted us for about 1/2 mile when we left to head back at the end of time on that tour.

3-4-21 More great whale watching today! the 9 am trip saw 5 grey whales and the 11:30 trip enjoyed a great showing of about 20 Pacific White Sided Dolphins that froliced about the boat and  7 grey whales.

3-2-21 Today we enjoyed two great adventures to see the Grey Whales as they head North back to the Arctic for another summer season of feeding. The 9 am trip saw at least 10 whales or more and the 11:30 trip saw 6 or more. We say or more because we we are seeing multiple spouts in the distance as we travel about looking for bigger groups to spend some quality time with.

3-1-21 It is on right now as the north bound grey whale migration has started! We saw 10 whales on the 9 am trip and 12 more on the 11:30 trip. it is as good as it gets for the next 4 to 5 weeks.

2-28-21 The winds that have been keeping us off the outer bay calmed today and we  able to go out and see 5 Grey Whales on the 10 am trip and then we found 10 on the 12:30 trip. All of this and a warm sunny day to enjoy the beautiful green hills of the central coast. Feels like paradise around here.

2-23-21 our hot streak continues with 4 Grey whales north bound today on the 10 am trip. The hills are turning green adding to the beautiful back drop for our photos and the skies have been a clear with wispy clouds and the water is very clear, all together it has been a wonderful couple of days on the bay.

2-22-21 Beautiful day today with light winds and calm seas. Todays 10:00 am trip enjoyed a fantastic encounter with 2 Grey whales and the 12:30 trip saw 4 whales , 2 briefly and 2 more for an hour as they headed south.

2-21-21  Yeah! Today we had a magical trip spending an hour traveling with 4 big Grey whales as they headed south across our bay under beautiful clear blue skies.  Then the wind returned and and made the ocean too rough on the 12:30 trip too find whales but we did have one heck of an exciting boat ride coming in.

2-17-21 Through 2-20-21 high winds and wave causing us to cancel most trips . We tried a few trips but with no luck.

2-16-21 The winds have finally calmed down a bit and we found 2 grey whales swimming south.

2-6-21 Through 2-15-21 the wind and waves have been very uncooperative as it has been too rough to go whale watching

2-5-21 Today we enjoyed some beautiful weather and 3 grey whales heading south. Two of the whales were quite entertaining as they were breaching and body surfing down the waves.

2-1-21 Beautiful afternoon private trip with a gorgeous sunset and 8 Grey whales heading south. Then we encountered a pod of 15 pacific white sided dolphins that played with us as we returned to the port. 

1-31-21 Today we found a big pod of 100 Risso Dolphins, they are 12 to 16 ft long with a blunt head and they look very much like a lite colored pilot whale. Traveling with them were 12 Pacific White Sided Dolphins that put on fun an show as they played about the boat. Both trips got to enjoy this wonderful experience.

1-30-21 Our first day back out after the big storms and we found some whales! Four Grey whales entertained us as they headed south on the 10 am trip. There was some breaching which we do not commonly see with the grey whales so that was super exciting! Then on the 12:30 trip we found 5 more with one breaching also and a few nice close encounters. Cold but sunny and clear conditions on the sea.

1-23-21 Beautiful day on the water until we got spanked in a rain squall with driving rain and strong winds as we were coming in from out 12:30 trip. On the plus side we saw 10 to 12 whales, maybe more on the 10 am tour and 4 to 6 on the 12:30 trip. is was hard to tell if we were staying with the same whales or leapfrogging from one group to another. After taking 4 days off It is nice to see that the migration is now in full swing.

1-18-21 todays trip started off with windy rough sea conditions that melted away to leave us with a beautiful sunny warm day with smooth seas and 3 nice big Grey whales to observe as they headed south.

1-17-21  we enjoyed a vey nice trip private trip for 2 folks at 10 am with 3 Grey Whales making an appearance as headed south with them.

1-16-21 toady we saw 5 grey whale heading south and 2 of them were body surfing down the bigger swells it was amazing to watch.

1-15-21 On the morning trip we saw 40 to 50 Risso dolphins riding the swell south. they a very big dolphins with a a dorsal fin that sticks up a good 15 to 24 inches from the surface when the breathe.

1-14-21 one grey whale heading south with us for 45 minutes. 

1-11-21 It was a pretty day out on the water but unfortunately we did not find any whales, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

1-10-21  today we saw 4 beautiful south bound Grey whales on one trip. They were swimming close enough to the surface that we could see them while they were under water and then of course when they surfaced we were close enough to hear them exhale..

1-8-21 Whale ho was the call today as we found 4 big beautiful Grey whales heading south. It was magnificent to travel with them for over 45 minutes as they rode the big swells south.

1-6-21 the swell has been to big for the past 4 days to go out but we are hopeful things will improve for the weekend and the whales will be back in good numbers once again

1-2-21 Well not the best first whale watching day of the  year. No whales today on 2 whale watching trips but we did find a very cool pod of about 30 Risso's Dolphins which are quite large 12 to 14 ft long and have a very large dorsal fin. They are light colored and were beautiful to watch as they were hunting fish .

12-31-20 8 grey whales!!

11-16-20 No whales again 

11-15-20 no whales

11-14-20 No whales

11-13-20 well this may be the end of the season as we searched the bay and did not find any whales or much of anything.

11-12-20 Today we saw 7 humpbacks on the 9 am tour which was fantastic but on the 11:30 the ocean was empty with no whales and no birds feeding anywhere.

11-10-20 today was nice and we found several whales on each trip but with less activity than yesterday.

11-9-20 Back on the water with beautiful conditions for the 9:00 and 11:30 am trips but the 2 Pm was a bit rough as the wind picked up. the 9 am trip saw dolphins and sea lions feeding and 1 Humpback whale. the 11;30 found 6 Humpbacks and also a big raft of sea lions then at 2 we found the sea lions again but we could not find the whales again. It is a big ocean out there and hopefully we will find them again tomorrow.

11-7-20 the ocean is way to rough to go out today!

11-6-20 Big waves and big breaches! Today we ventured out in rough conditions and we were rewarded with dozens of breaches as we observed about 20 whales feeding a few miles offshore. it was a super exciting morning and then the wind kicked in hard at 10:30 and we had to cancel the rest of the day

11-5-20 Things keep getting even better as we had 15 to 20 Humpbacks feeding about 4 miles out but the real show stealer was when we ran with 4 to 5 hundred Dolphins on the 9 am trip and then closer to 1000 dolphins on the 12 pm tour.

11-3-20 Big breach run with a beautiful cow and calf jumping high for about 30 minutes. Many of the jumps were doubles with them both in the air at the same time.

11-2-20 So this will most likely make the news but we saw a kayaker get in the mouth of a whale. After checking that they were ok we headed out to spend some time with 4 whales and no other boats or paddlers in sight. It was the same on the other tours that day we found 4 to 6 whales lunge feeding on each trip.

11-1-20 Epic sunny warm weather and lots of whales! While several hundred paddled boarders and kayakers flocked around 2 whales in the port which is not our style of whale watching we headed out. We quickly found 4 whales lunge feeding amongst harbor porpoise and sealions in very clear water. We could see the whales as they swam under our boat and the best part is we were the only boat for most of the day! 

10-31-20 Nice day, sunny and warm in Avila Bay were we enjoyed 3 Humpback whales lunge feeding amongst the boats before we voyaged to the outer bay were we found a few more whales, hundreds of sea lions and a pod of Dolphins to play with.

10-30-20 Amazing day for us as we watched some great lunge feeding amongst the boat in Avila Bay but once it became crowded with paddlers and other boaters we went offshore and really scored. On the 9 am trip we came across two breaching together several times! then on the 11:30 we ran through the waves with over one thousand dolphins, it was awesome to see dolphins in every direction.

10-29-20 The whales are still feeding close to shore. 6 humpbacks today with some wonderful lunge feeding.

10-28-20 Our first day back from a vacation and the whales are in close at Post San Luis. ^ to 8 Humpbacks lunge feeding near the shore . 

10-20-20 Unreal day on the water with over 30 whales sighted on one trip! we saw 4 breaches and enjoyed a few minute with the one our favorite juvenile humpback whale that swims up to the side of the boat and sprays us with water as it blows.

10-19-20 Both trips saw at least 10 Humpbacks and we had a long 30 minute visit from "The One" a juvenile humpback that has now engaged with us 26 times this summer. It stayed with in a few feet of us got several of us wet as it directed its blow onto the boat.

10-18-20 Super fun trip at 9 am with a group of friend from Los Osos. We went even though the fog was thick and we found the whales by listening for them to breath. Luck for us it was our friendly juvenile "The One" and it played with us for a while and then lead us to 5 more whales for a cool foggy feeding show. The 11:30 trip saw 15 plus wales also and some good feeding displays. The 2 pm was not as lucky as the fog returned with some wind and we could only find one whale.

10-17-20 All of our trips today enjoyed whales ,dolphins, porpoise and sea lions feeding. 5 to 10 whale were sighted on each trip.

10-16-20 Beautiful weather and 6 or more Humpbacks on each trip. Just another super nice day on the water.

10-15-20 Pacific white sided dolphins stole the show today! everywhere we went with the whales we had dolphins cavorting around the boat! 10 to 15 Humpbacks with some breaching were also a part of the show on both tours.

10-13-20 Big breach run today over 50 breaches from 2 whales! 10 to 15 whales were also observed on each trip!

10-12-20 Another beautiful warm Fall day. We had 10 plus Humpback whales plus hundreds of sea lions and a few common dolphins on the 9 am tour. On the 11;30 things got even more dynamic as we saw the same whales but we were also joined by Pacific White Sided dolphins, sea lions and Pacific Common dolphins!

10-11-20 We ran 2 amazing trips today with each trip seeing 10 to 15 Humpbacks whales the 11:30 enjoyed a visit from the "ONE" and had a few big breaches. the ( am enjoyed some spectacular fall early morning light and a dozen whales actively chasing fish.

10-10-20 Another absolutely stunning weather day with warm temps and beautiful clouds drifting along in a deep blue sky. The whales were also fantastic today with a 1 hour long visit by "the One" along with 2 other whales often times only inches from the boat. Then 10 to 15 whales on each of the other trips with many swimming close to the boat.

10-9-20 beautiful skies today and some great Dolphin and whale watching. the 9 am had a big pod of common dolphins play with the boat for 30 minutes and then we found 3 humpbacks.The 11:30 found 10 to 14 Humpbacks feeding and moving fast about the bay so it was hard to count them but the show was fun and dynamic.

10-8-20 All the trips today saw at least 10 Humpbacks feeding near the beach.

10-6-20 Thousands of dolphins and 2 humpback whales under dramatic cloudy skies on the 9 am tour. Then on the 11:30 we found 8 Humpbacks feeding on a school of anchovies with harbor porpoise and sealions, great action and a visit by the ONE.

10-4-20 The two morning trips enjoyed fantastic encounters with 4 to 6 Humpback whales and Lots of dolphins and porpoise  ,sealions and huge flocks of Cormorants. The 9 am tour had some pacific common dolphins escort the the boat through some very clear glassy calm water so we could see them swimming under water which was spectacular. The 11:30 trip got a visit from "the One" for a few minutes of up close and personal whale time. unfortunately the fog came in and made visibility difficult for the 2 pm.

10-3-20 All 3 trips had very nice encounters today with 2 to 6 Humpback per trip.  Dolphins , porpoise  , sealions and huge flocks of Cormorants were also there to show us were thef eeding areas were.

10-2-20 Beautiful warm day on San Luis Bay. the 9 am trip traveled over 1/2 mile with two Humpbacks at time just 15 feet from the boat, good trip. then the 11:30 trip had 3 Humpbacks, A cow and calf with an escort that we stayed with for 40 minutes as they crossed the bay and swam close to us also. The 2 pm only saw 2 whales but they put on an amazing show with each one breaching 20 to 30 times. It was a great day to be on the water!

9-30-20 just one trip today but it was a fun one! Wild ride out through 4 to 5 ft seas and then 8 Humpbacks some close and some far  moving about in the waves. It was beautiful!

9-29-20 Nice trips today with 2 to 3 whales on the morning trips and dolphins playing about the boat on all three adventures.

9-26-20 With the strong winds the whales have moved offshore and with the rough sea conditions we were not able to get out to see the larger pods but we did find 2 humpbacks in closer today and one of the entertained us for about 40 minutes while it played in some kelp.

9-25-20 The big feeding frenzy has ended as the big swell has moved the anchovies farther offshore but we did still find 12 whales on the 9 am tour and 3 on the 11:30 as the wind and seas picked up to drive us off the water. The "one" payed us a special visit and blew water at us for about 20 minutes.

9-24-20 The Huge feeding frenzy is still going on with 30 to 40 whales Lunge feeding in spectactular fashion plus Harbor porpoise, sealions and thousands of sea birds.

9-22-20 Too many whales to count today as the huge feeding frenzy continues. Humpbacks Lunge feeding and breaching, sealions chasing fish and hundreds of Harbor porpoise are all charging about the bay feeding.

9-21-20 Another simply amazing day of whale watching with a pod of 30 to 40 Humpbacks Lunge feeding in a big feeding frenzy with hundreds of seabirds, sealions and harbor porpoise.

9-20-20 The feeding frenzy is getting even bigger now with 20 to 25 whales.

9-19-20 Big feeding frenzy with 20 Humpbacks and hundreds of seabirds, sealions and harbor porpoise. Some breaching and a few close encounters with the ONE.

9-17-20 Three trips went whale watching today and all three saw 10 to 12 humpbacks lunge feeding amongst hundreds of seabirds, sealions and harbor porpoise. For some reason today we had a great angle to see down inside the whales mouthes as they lunged up through the fish. It was an amazing sight as their mouths are huge when the feed. We did also see 2 breaches on the 11:30 tour. just another great day on San Luis Bay.

9-15-20 More amazing whale watching today! both trips enjoyed meeting "The One" which came right up and blew water onto the boat several times. We had a very happy whale that fully breached 30 plus times and both tour witnessed over an hour of intense lunge feeding.

9-14-20 Spectacular lunge feeding on all 3 tours! Super active whales (20 to 30 ) and hundreds of Harbor Porpoise and Sealions all feeding voraciously amongst thousands of sea birds.

9-13-20 The huge feeding frenzy is continuing. We are seeing 20 to 30 Humpback whales demonstrating some spectacular lunge feeding. we are also seeing hundreds of Harbor Porpoise and Sealions feeding in the mix, all of them eating Anchovies. these are good days to be Whales and Porpoise or Sealions but a very bad day to be an Anchovy or any other small fish in the area.

9-12-20 Huge feeding frenzy on both tours today! The 11:30 trip saw 2 full breaches and more lunge feeding than you could count by 10 to 15 whales. The 2 pm tour had even more whales (15 to 20 ) and a special visit by our friend "the One" which took a short break from lunge feeding with mom to blow some water on us. there were also hundreds of harbor porpoise around us at all times.

9-11-20 Smoke and fog ae making for a surreal and slightly erie experience on the water these days. todays 11:30 trip did some searching but then scored a fantastic experience with several whales and a big breach plus some tail slapping. Then at 2 pm we found 8 to 10 whales lunge feeding with some epic vertical lunges as the whale consumed thousands of anchovies. We also had hundreds of Harbor Porpoise cavorting around us while pelicans and terns dived from the sky. To add to the frenzy of feeding there were cormorants surfacing with fish in their mouths and gulls trying to steal fish from them all.. A very good day for all of the bigger animals but a bad day for anchovies.

9-10-20 Today started off with thick fog and we had to cancel the 9 am tour which was a big bummer. the 11:30 had some clearing so we headed out to see what we could find and we were not disappointed. First we found 3 whales heading out to sea and as we traveled with them 2 became very curious and swam over to say hello. They stayed very close to us for 20 minutes, circling and blowing within a few feet of the boat then on the 2 pm trip we found at least 20 whales lunge feeding and then on the way back to the port we came across a very happy whale that was breaching (jumping clear out of the water) Lucky us .

9-8-20 Today was another super day of watching 10 to 20 Humpbacks on each tour. All of them lunge feeding in groups of 2 to 4 at a time.

9-7-20 Whoa nelly the whales are lunge feeding near grover beach! just 1 mile from shore. 15 to 20 humpback whales lunge feeding, which is super exciting.

9-6-20 The good weather and excellent whale watching streak continues!  The 9 am had some breaching today and a big area of feeding with about 20 whales around us plus a good sized pod of dolphins to play with. The 11;30 had some spectactular 9-5-20 We got back on the water today and were greeted by an amazing wildlife show. The 9 am trip saw 10 to 15 humpbacks feeding amongst hundreds of sealions. Then a mega pod of several thousands of dolphins showed up and raged about the bay. Our 11:30 trip also saw dozens of Humpbacks and thousands of dolphins. Then when it seemed the day could not get better on the 2 PM tour we encountered 2 curious Humpbacks that swam under, around and right up next to the boat for 1 hour and 20 minutes before we broke off the encounter and went to frolic with thousands of dolphins!

9-4-20 the ocean turned rough and ugly today so we had to cancel all of the trips.

9-3-20 Our 9 am tour enjoyed 5 to 7 humpback whales, 2 big breaches and a large pod of hundreds of dolphins. But then the ocean turned rough and we had to cancel the rest of the day.

9-1-20 Today was wonderful again! the 9 am tour had 2 big wonderful breaches and then 15 to 20 whales in a big feeding frenzy with hundreds of sealions and thousands of birds. the 11:30 trip saw 15 to 20 whales in another big feeding frenzy. Our special friend was shy today and only stopped by for a minute before continuing on with mom.

8-31-20 Today was beautiful out on the water, calm seas and all of our friends were out and about. the 9 am tour received a VIP escort by 3 to 4 hundred dolphins out to where we found 3 Humpbacks lazily swimming about the bay. Then we encountered our special friend "the One" a juvenile Humpback along with its very large mom and they both came up to the boat for about 20 minutes, the One is getting better at aiming its blow and spraying us with water! It really seems to enjoy the encounters and our screams of delight when it sprays us. Then On the 11:30 trip we started off with a breach run of 8 big jumps by a different juvenile Humpback with a cow and an escort heading out to sea. as we left them we could see a lot of birds on the horizon and so we raced out and found 15 to 20 Humpbacks and hundreds of sea lions along with thousands of birds engaged in a huge feeding frenzy! The sounds where just incredible as all of this marine life surged forward as they chased the anchovies. This was a bad day to be an anchovy.

8-30-20 Today was unreal once again! We spent the day with 20 or more whales on each trip in a huge feeding frenzy! Lots of dolphins today also and one special encounter with our very friendly juvenile humpback that swims right up to the side of the boat.

8-29-20 Ok I am going to say it again,Today was the best day ever! I was blown away today at the close encounters and interactions we had with our friendly whale we have named "the One" as we keep saying here comes the one that seems fascinated with the boat. Here is how the day went first on the 9 am tour we saw a few big full breaches only 100 ft from the boat and then some very loud pectoral fin slaps just 25 ft from the boat. After that we traveled a bit and encountered "the One" a juvenile humpback with it mom that came right up to the boat just like it did yesterday and a few time previously over the past 2 weeks. It stayed with us for 30 minutes just inches from the boat. At times both the cow which is the mom and the One were only a few feet from the boat and we all got wet from them blowing water on us. Then both the 11:30 trip and the 2 pm trip had encounters with this very special pair of whales that lasted over an hour each trip. Many time the one was only inches from our outstretched hands. All the while 8 to 10 Humpbacks were feeding and trumpeting near by. All this on calm glassy seas with almost no wind.

8-28-20 Well this the second time this week that I am saying this but today was the best day of whale watching for us in 9 years! On the 9 am tour we saw a huge feeding frenzy with hundreds of dolphins , 15 to 25 whales and hundreds of sealions. Then on the 11:30 Trip we had a Cow and calf pair engage with the boat for about 40 minutes. They swam around us together as close as 5 ft away. Then on the 2 pm trip a calf we call "the one " engaged us for 1.5 hours and often times was with in inches of our outstretched fingers. It was a very magical time. We also saw breaches around us within 300 yards on each trip just to top things off. The seas were very calm and the crews were delightful and super fun even when "the one" was blowing water on us!

8-27-20 Today we had fairly rough conditions but all of our guests were troopers  and got to enjoy seeing 10 to 15 humpbacks feeding on each trip and some breaching on both trips! Excellent morning of whale watching as long as you did not mind the large swell. 

8-26-20 today we did one fantastic trip before the wind started to blow. We saw everything from Cow  & Calf pairs cruising to 8 whales lunge feeding together and then a very good breach show with one double breach by 2 whales in the air at the same time!

8-25-20 THOUSANDS OF DOLPHINS on the 11:30 trip, they went from one horizon to the other, I have never seen so many together anywhere. Then we ran a wild 3 pm trip where we saw 6 to 8 Humpbacks and a few hundred Dolphins

8-24-20 one of the best single days for us in 9 years! First the 11:30 trip saw several whales and then one started breaching! It breached 35 times as we were within 50 yards of it. Then our favorite whale this year a juvenile that we have named " the one" came by on the 4 pm tour and played with us for over an hour. Often times it was no more than 1 foot from the boat. It was remarkable and very touching. 

8-23-20 wonderful day on the bay with all three trips seeing 3 or more whales, the 2 pm trip finished off with some nice breaching!

8-22-20 Kind of a smokey weird day but all three trips saw 4 to 6 whales

8-19 through 8-21 was too windy and rough to go out

8-18-20 Another great day on San Luis bay. 10 to 15 Humbacks per trip along with some close encounters and a few breaches!

8-17-20 So many great encounters today under beautiful cloudy skies. At least 10 whales on all 3 trips. 

8-16-20 The 9 am tour had 200 dolphins lead us to 7 whales feeding with another 5 or 6 nearby. !he 11:30 and 2 pm both had great whale watching with 10 to 20 whales in sight and a few close up encounters also.

8-15-20 today was one of the best days of whale watching we have had this year. Amazing clouds and even some lightning of in the distance on the 9 am trip which also was escorted by hundreds of common dolphins and encounters 5 humpbacks. the 11:30 and the 2 pm tours both saw 5 to 6 Humpbacks and spent 1.5 hours of a 2 hour tour watching them.

8-14-20 All 3 trips saw 5 to 8 whales under beautiful blue skies with long encounters of over an hour.

8-13-20 the morning trip got rained out but the 2 pm trip saw at least 1000 dolphins and 2 whales!! the 4 pm trip saw 2 whales also before the wind made it too rough to be out there.

8-12-13 today we saw 2 Humpbacks on each trip plus hundreds of dolphins..

8-10-20 the 9 am tour saw hundreds of dolphins and sealions feeding with 4 humpbacks! the 11:30 enjoyed an hour with hundreds of dolphins and a couple of Humpback whales and then the afternoon tour had another magical encounter with a curious whale that swam right up next to the boat and played with us for almost an hour!

8-9-20 All of the whale watching trips had great experiences with 4 to 8 Humpbacks feeding on each trip.

8-8-20 Another great day with hundreds of dolphins and another 40 minute encounter with a curious whale floating only 2 feet from the boat. Magical day!.

8-7-20 today we played with at least 1000 dolphins as the raced around the bay , it could have been 2 thousand as they are everywhere. we also saw at least 3 whales per trip.

8-6-20 not sure what is in the air but today we had amazing encounters with a curious whale on both trips. the whale swam with us and came up very close to us 15 to 20 times. amazing animals.

8-4-20 Big day on the waters of San Luis Bay today! the 9 am was with more whales than we could count probably 20 to 30 all feeding within a quarter of a mile of us. it was an amazing feeding frenzy. the 11:30 also enjoyed at least 10 whales feeding.

8-3-20 beautiful 9 am trip with 4 Humpback whales and hundreds of sealions and bird in a big feeding frenzy.

8-2-20 2 Humpbacks feeding in some bigish waves before the fog came in a swallowed us up so we could not see anymore.

7-12-20 through 8-1-20 we are on vacation so no whale watching for us

7-9-20 on the 2 pm tour we found 2 big Humpbacks heading south.

7-6-20  through 7-8-20 the ocean was too rough to go whale watching

7-5-20 Big waves and big whales today at 9 am. 8 big humpbacks feeding in the 6 to 8 ft swell was quite a show.

7-4-20 Happy 4th of July ! spectactular whale watching today on the 9 am tour we saw 12 whales and had 2 very close encounters with curious whales.

7-3-207 oday we did 2 fantastic whale watching tours , both tours saw multiple whales and the 9 am had a  humpback calf breach 10 ft from the boat . Awesome.

7-2-20 Super fun day on San Luis bay  with several humpbacks on all 3 tours and a pod of about 100 common dolphins added to the 9: am trip.

7-1-20 One of the best trips ever with 4 Humpback whales , 100s of Common Dolphins, 100s of White Sided Dolphins and 100s Sealions all feeding together.

6-30-20 One humpback close to us showing its tail way up in the air on some big dives and a pod of Pacific white sided dolphins stayed with us for over an hour! two humpback and hundreds of sealions on the second trip.

6-29-20 Today we were greeted with a beautiful sunny morning and lots of whales. the 9 am trip enjoyed 2 spectactular humpbacks lifting their tails high as they dove deep and the 11:30 saw 10 to 12 humpbacks and a pod of Pacific white sided dolphins.

6-28-19 fantastic day on the water! the 9 am spent some quality time with 3 big humpbacks and was graced with 2 huge breaches! the 11:30 trip found whale quickly and spent 90 minutes with two big whales as the swam across the bay showing their tails on almost every dive.

6-27-20 the 9 am trip had no luck but the 11:30 had 3 big whales around the boat for 1 hour and 2 more a little ways off. We enjoyed excellent sea conditions all day.

6-26-20 We had the trifecta today with a whale breaching 4 times close to the boat plus a pod of over 50 common dolphins playing with the boat and some feeding sea lions all in the same place at the same time.

6-25-20 one trip had no luck but the other did well with 1 Humpback and 1 Minke Whale. 

6-23-20  nice day today with 3 Humpbacks and some beautiful sunny weather.

6-22-20 Bad day no whales on either trip and fairly yucky sea conditions

6-21-20 Super morning on the bay with lunge feeding and well over an hour of encounters on each trip that went to the whales.

6-20-20 we struck out on the 9 am which was not fun but the 11:30 had a great trip seeing 6 whales and enjoying some nice encounters. 

6-19-20 Great day on the water! 9 am tour enjoyed one whale with multiple lunge feedings then the 11:30 scored with 4 whale and more lunge feeding than we could count and then we added a 2:00 pm trip that was amazing with 2 older big whales Lunge feeding continuously for 90 minutes of a 2 hour trip!

6-18-20 WHALE HO! today we saw 6 to 7 whales on each trip. some lunge feeding and 3 different cow calf pairs! these are momma whales with their babies.  the calfs appear to be a 2 year old and a couple of 3 to 4 year olds. 6-14 through 6-17 no tours due to very rough ocean conditions

6-13-20 One Humpback whale

6-12-20 the 9 am trips had some good sightings with 1 Meinke whale and 5 Humpbacks. the 11:30 trip found 1 Humpback whale that did a very large lunge feed near the boat. Nice day on the water