Whale watching update: it is March and the Grey whales are migrating past our shores in big numbers! we are seeing 10 to 20 whales per trip.

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Hello whale lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world. We all know that watching these magnificent leviathans in the wild is an amazing experience but being wild animals sometimes they can be hard to find. So "how often do we see them on our tours" is a very common question. For the past 2 years here are the percentages month by month of tours that saw at least one whale while on a tour aboard the "Pacific Flyer" our power catamaran.   January 88%  February 93%  March 95%  April 79%  May 95%  June 98%  July 97%  August 99%  September 99%!!  October 97%  November 95% and we close for December.  


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Here is what our tours have been seeing lately:

3-18-20 Soo many whales today ! we saw at least 20 to 25 different whales, they seemed to be everywhere we looked near Pt. Bushon.

3-14-20 The trip started a bit rough under grey skies but then the sun came out ,the wind died and we found 8 Beautiful Grey whales heading north.

3-13-20 Another amazing day on San Luis Bay! It was cloudy with a chance of rain and pretty cold on the boat but the whales were magnificent with 10 to 20 grey whales sighted on each trip plus some bottle nose dolphins on the 9 am trip

3-12-20 beautiful day with lots of sunshine and 15 to 20 whales on the first trip and 2 on the second

3-8-20 Beautiful day on the bay and we enjoyed 8 whales as they worked their way north

3-7-20 sunny day in the afternoon with about 20 different whales all heading north

3-6-20 Today we saw at least 20 different whales and had an amazing experience with one that came right up to the side of the boat. It stayed next to us and under us for over 30 minutes!

3-5-20 Wow another great day, we saw 5 different pods of whales with 4 to 6 whales in each one! we lost track counting but somewhere between 20 and 30 whales were sighted.

3-4-20 so many whales today we saw spouts all over the ocean but we ended up traveling with 4 whales that just kept surfacing around us as we went north with them!

.3-2-20 Beautiful sunny Morning and 6 grey whales all moving North along the coast.

2-29-20 todays 10 am tour was amazing we found 8 grey whales and were with them for 1.5 hours of a 2 hour tour! unfortunately the wind picked up and it got a bit rough for the 12:30 trip and we were not able to find whales.

2-28-20 today was a magnificent day on the bay, sunny warm and 8 whales making their way north along the beautiful Pecho coast!

2-26-20 Spouts everywhere we had good encounters with 6 different whales and saw plenty more spouts as we looked around while we waited for ours to resurface.

2-25-20 Five  Grey whales 

2-24-20 Eight grey whales and several dolphins close to the boat. The north bound migration has started and there appears to be a lot whales heading our way this next week.

2-10-20 Four Grey Whales on the 10 am tour one of them swam under the boat only a few feet from the surface and we could see it clearly.

2-9-10 Big seas but we still found 4 grey whales on the 10 am tour the onl 1 on the 12:30 trip

2-4-20 excellent whale watching today! 5 grey whales on the first trip and 4 on the second plus 100 to 200 common dolphin frolicking about our boat. 

2-1-20 first day on the water since 1-29-20 and boy was it great! 3 grey whales on our first trip 4 on the second and third trips. Big healthy beautiful whales heading south.

1-29-20 Incredibly beautiful day on the bay! 10 grey whales and lots of sunshine.

1-26-20 A bit rowdy on the water today with some bigger swell and some wind chop but well worth it as we saw 8 grey whales total and 5 fairly close.

1-23-20 Nice day on the water, we saw 3 grey whales 2 from afar and one up nice and close.

1-21-20 beautiful sunny day with magnificent views all around Port san luis. 8 grey whales and a very interesting pod of Dalls porpoise an animal that I have never seen before! They are very fast and hit the surface with a very fast explosion of water.

1-20-20 Fun day going way offshore to retrive an unmanned ocean survey drone. We saw 3 grey whales and 2 Humpbacks on our journey.

1-19-20 What great day on the water with 2 grey whales on the first tour and 3 on the second plus a big pod of Dolphins!

1-7-20 to 1-18-20 no tours due to bad weather and prior commitments.

1-6-20 Our first day back on the water since No vember and ready for a great 2020!  3 beautiful Grey whales heading south.

11-9-19  to now   No whales have been seen but we have been seeing dolphins.

11-8-19 Today we found 1 Humpback whale and were so stoked to spend 30 minutes playing with a huge pod of oat least 200 dolphins!

11-6-19 we found one Humpback and enjoyed some nice close encounters as the whale surfaced close to us to say hello.

11-5-19 Today was a bit slower with only 1 humpback whale, but it did surface within 20 ft of the boat several times and we had a great time frolicing across the bay with 20 to 30 Pacific common dolphin so overall we had a very fun trip!

11-3-19 Another amazing day of whale watching! Todays 10 am tour saw a big breach close to the boat then heard more whale singing and then had a pod of pacific common dolphin play with the boat. At 12:30 we hooked up with 3 Humpbacks and saw some double breaching and on of the whales kept on jumping at least 15 more times!

10-2-19 AMAZING DAY the 10 am tour saw 4 big breaches and then we listened to "Shadow " a whale we have been interacting with all summer Sing very loudly right under the boat for 10 minutes at a time. It was was surreal and beautiful to hear. Then the 10:30 trip traveled for 90 minute with 5 very active feeding whales.

10-29-19 what a great morning! 10 whales spotted and we had 3 swim very close to us several times.

10-28-19 today we traveled several miles with 2 very big Humpback whales

10-27-19 first one then 2 humpbacks joined us for a trip across the bay.

10-26-19 Today we stayed with 4 Humpbacks for an hour and a half of our 2 hour tour!

10-25-19 Magical day on the water with the 10 am tour seeing hundreds of sea lions feeding followed by 1 humpback whale which lead us to a pod of 30 dolphins which escorted the boat for a while and and then 2 more humpbacks were sighted. At 12:30 we returned to find 4 big Humpbacks playfully swimming and diving as they swam across the bay.

10-24-19 Bummer we had to cancel the tours today due to a minor mechanical failure but then after the repairs were completed at 4 pm I went for a test run and found 6 very active Humpbacks frolicing about the bay. I am looking forward to tomorrow!

10-23-19 Two humpbacks on the first trip and 4 on the second although we only saw 2 of them for a brief moment as we were returning to the port. We also saw 2 to 3 hundred sea lions in a feeding frenzy on both tours.

10-22-19  Slow day with only 1 humpback whale, But we did find a good sized pod of Risso Dolphins which are very big dolphins in the 12 to 14 ft range.

10-20-19 Four humpbacks today.

10-19-19 2 nice Humpback whales today and some wonderful bottle nose dolphins on or afternoon trip.

10-17-19 Today we found 3 Humpbacks that were just cruising the bay.

10-16-19 we enjoyed a beautiful 9 am tour today with Bottlenose Dolphins escorting us out of the bay and then 3 Humpbacks on the outer bay under dramatic, cloudy skies.

10-15-19 2 Humpbacks swimming very close to the boat.

10-14-19 Nice trips today with good whale watching and some harbor porpoise also.

10-12-19 Amazing day with all 3 trips seeing at least 6 Humpback whales. The earlier trips had so many whales around that it was hard to count them all maybe 15 to 20 different whales in view throughout the 9 am tour.

10-10-19 After a very foggy start to the 11:30 trip and when we were about to give up we came across 1 Humpback that lead us to another and eventually 3 whales feeding amongst a hundred sea lions.

10-9-19 Today we only ran one tour at 9 am and we found 6 humpback whales with 3 swimming close to us for about an hour. It was beautiful to watch as 2 of them were very big whales. 10-8-19 3 humpbacks today with some very exciting lunge feeding!

10-7-19 This was one of the best days of the year for us! The 9 am trip enjoyed some amazing double breaches by a Cow and her calf and also went speeding along with a pod of 50 common dolphins playing around the boat. Then the 11:30 tour had 4 Humpback investigating and swimming up to the boat only a few feet away for over 30 minutes!

10-6-19 All 3 trips enjoyed some beautiful whale watching today. The 11:30 had some quality time with 4 Humpbacks and the 9AM and 2PM trips enjoyed 6 to 10 whales. 

10-5-19 Another beautiful day on San luis bay with great whale watching under sunny blue skies. Many encounters with 6 to 15 whales on each trip and the 2:00 pm trip witnessing a Great White shark killing and eating a sea lion!

10-4-19 Good whale watching today with Humpbacks feeding in shallow water close to pismo beach and some big breaching on the 11:30 trip.

10-3-19 Several Humpbacks on each tour feeding in shallow waters.

10-2-19 Wonderful day of whale watching under beautiful blue skies. We spotted 9 whales on one tour and had 3 swim very close to the boat.

10-1-19 Great day and a big uptick in sightings! 6 to 8 whales on each trip! Some are even feeding once again by the beach near oceano.

9-29-19 Too windy and rough today.

9-28-19 We enjoyed a Great 9 am trip today with a big pod of dolphins escorting us for about 20 minutes and leading us to a big whale. The whale got excited by the dolphins and fully breach 8 times and then 2 more joined in for a a big jump of all 3 jumping one after another! The dolphins stayed with us the entire time also witch was a fun treat.

9-27-19 3 Amazing trips today! the 9 am was beautiful with 1 whale lunge feeding and swimming up next to the boat several times. the 11:30 had some fun breaching with 2 whales. the 2 pm had a cow calf pair the were jumping in quick succession to each other in what looked like a very fun time for them!

9-24-19 8 to 10 humpbacks on each tour. quality time with a cow calf pair on each trip also.

9-23-19 We found 8  Humpbacks today on the 11:30 tour. We enjoyed some big lunge feeing and things seem to be ramping up!

9-22-19 More action today with the 9 am tour spending over an hour with 3 whales and then spotting 3 more on our return to the port. We enjoyed some beautiful lunge feeding on the trip and quite a few harbor porpoise as well. The 11:30 trip saw 3 Humpbacks and and a few tail lobs!

9-21-19 the 9 am tour saw 1 very big whale for about 40 minutes then we left and found a pod of about 50 common dolphin that gave us a great escort frolicking in the bow waves and the wake of the Pacific Flyer. The 11:30 saw 2 humpbacks and 100 plus sea lions feeding and 20 to 30 Harbor porpoise.

9-20-19 each trip saw 2 humpbacks moving about the bay and the 11:30 had one lunge feed.

9-18-19 Magnificent experience today on the 9 am tour with 3 Humpbacks swimming with us and moving close to the boat for over an hour. The 11:30 also enjoyed 2 humpback moving about the bay.

9-17-19 good whale watching today with each trip seeing multipul groups of whales.

9-15-19 todays 9 am trip spent some quality time with first a pair of humpback and then moved on to a group of 3 that escorted us for several miles.

9-14-19 excellent whale watching on both trips with some nice lunge feeding on the 11:30 trip

9-13-19 Another top ten of the trips we have ever done! while the 11:30 and the 2;00pm trips had amazing lunge feddings, the most consistent lungeing ever as a matter of fact it was the 9 am that was the big winner today! we encountered 2 to 3 thousand dolphins sweeping across the bay in a mile wide swath of swimming ,jumping chasing and feeding. 6 big whales were mixed in swimming fast with the dolphins across the bay. It was surreal to be in the middle of it all! 

9-12-19 Both trips today saw 6 to 10 whales and enjoyed some wonderful feeding behaviours. both trips were 2 hours long and each one was with whales for 90 minute.

9-9-19 Beautiful morning tour at 9:00 am. Great lighting and a fairly smooth sea with very clear water off shore that allowed us to sea the 3 Humpback that we encountered as they swam underwater. 

9-7-19 wild day with the wind and chop chasing us down the bay but we still had some wonderful encounters with over 10 whales.

9-6-19 outstanding day of whale watching with 6 to 10 whales per trip and some beautiful lunge feeding

9-4 -19 one trip had 2 big breaches and the other saw some intense lunge feeding.

9-3-19 great lunge feeding today on the 11:30 trip. 6 whales charging through the anchovies under beautiful blue skies

9-2-19 One of the best days of the year! EPIC BREACHING on two tours and two inquisitive Humpback whales swimming right up to and under the boat for over ten minutes they were so close you could almost reach out and touch them.

9-1-18 excellent whale watching all day! 3 whales at 9 then 8 at 11:30 and 6 more at 2 pm! Plus beautiful sunshine

8-30-19 10 to 15 Humpback per tour the 9 am tour also saw 3 to 5 hundred dolphins and the 11:30 had 2 breaches by a larger than usual whale! EPIC DAY

8-28-19 6 to 20 Humpback whales lunge feeding near pismo beach . Great show!

8-27-19 Another Awesome Adventure triple AAA Day 10 to 20 whales all lunge feeding amongst hundreds of thousands of birds! the birds literally darkened the sky around us.

8-26-19 Huge LUNGE feeding on all of our trips today. Each tour saw at least 15 big lunges with 4 or 5 whales right together and then dozens more by other whales in the area. It was magnificent.

8-25-19 Today slowly built through the trips until the 2 pm when we had 4 whales consistently lunge feeding together and at least 12 whales in view!

8-24-19 8-23-19 Big day today with all 3 trips engaging with multiple Humpback whales!

8-21-19 4 humpbacks in two cow calf pairs. We had one pair doing beautiful lunge feeding about 50 ft from the boat.

8-20-19 Lunge feeding and hundreds of dolphins today with both trips seeing 6 to 10 whales.

8-19-19 Beautiful trips with alot of sunshine on the 11:30 trip!  Good whale watching at 9 am and epic whale watching at 11:30 6 to 8 whales on each of these trips!

.8-18-19 It is so nice to be back. today the sun came out and we enjoyed some spectactular whale watching at 9 am and at 11:30 with some close encounters in very clear water

8-17-19 Hello to everyone that follows this page! We are back from 3 weeks of river rafting on the Colorado river through the  Grand Canyon. On our first day back we were treated to 12 humpback whales feeding about 8 miles offshore.7-24-19 All 3 trips saw whales the 9am also encountered hundreds of dolphins, the 11:30 had 1 big breach close to the boat and then the 2 pm had the trip of a lifetime with 15 to 20 breaches and one only 20 ft from the boat, All in all a great day

7-23-19 Good whale watching all day with both the powerboat and the sailboat seeing at least 2 whales each trip.

7-22-19 3 to 6 whale s on each trip with some good breaching also.

7-21-19 Unreal breaching on the 11:30 trip. A sub adult breached at least 15 times around us.

7-20-19 3 to 6 Humpbacks on each tour with a couple of close passes by some curious whales on each trip

7-19-19 A little bi8t of everything today! some breaching some lunge feeding and a couple of curious whales coming within 10 ft of the boat.

7-18-19 3 to 5 whale s per tip and another great encounter with the huge Dolphin pod!

7-17-19 AMAZING DAY! 4 to 6 whales on each tour and 500 plus dolphins on the 2 Pm tour

7-14-19 Good day with excellent whale watching on each trip

7-13-19 todays 9 am tour saw some beautiful dolphins that played with the boat for awhile and on the 11:30 we found 5 Humpbacks

7-12-19 too foggy for the 9 am trip but the 11:30 had a great trip with multiple breaches and a lot of pectoral fin slapping.

7-11-19 cancelled one trip and got shutdown by fog on the other .

7-10-19 Nice day with both boats seeing whales today. We arrived to see 2 adolescent humpbacks having a little breaching contest which was quite fun and then settled into some nice whale watching with a few close encounters. Then we found the dolphins or they found us and put on a great display of chasing around the boat.

9-19 ONE THOUSAND DOLPHINS or somthing close to that number on the 11:30 and the 2 pm trips! Plus  5 to 10 big beautiful humpbacks on every tour! The 9 am trip got to see some fantastic lunge feeding and hundreds of dolphins! one of the best days this year! 

7-8-19 excellent whale watching on both trips see 4 to 6 whales

7-7-19 two to 4 Humpbacks on each trip

7-6-19 Another Great day of whale watching today with both tours seeing 5 to 10 whales!

7-5-19 today was absolutely amazing as we had a 20 minute encounter with 3 whales that swam up under and around us with only  3 to 4 ft from the boat. They seemed to be wanting to communicate with us. The next trip also saw 5 whales and got to play with 50 to 60 dolphins which was super fun.

7-4-19 Big feeding going on today both tours saw at least 800 dolphins and 6 to 8 whales.

7-3-19 Only 1 whale today but it stayed with us for over 30 minutes and broke the 2 day slump so happy days.

7-2-19 no whales today I hope the bad streak ends tomorrow

7-1-19 to foggy and windy to see whales

6-30-19  Both power boat trips had incredible experiences with over 8 whales and a very curious whale coming over close to investigate us .

6-28 -19 great whale watching this morning but it was rough. 5 whales feeding and 4 breaches!

6-27-19 too foggy to see any whales

6-25-19 Good day on both  boats 4 to 6 whales per trip.

6-24-19 wonderful whale watching today we saw 8 different Humpback whales all slowly swimming about the bay it was a very tranquil experience.

6-23-19 another great day of whale watching with Humpback whales swimming up close too many times to count and some big breaches close to the boat also. All of our tours both sail and powerboat saw at least a dozen whales each on each tour!

6-22-19 fantastic day on the bay! All of of our tours both sail and powerboat interacted with 10 to 20 whales on each trip! the 11:00 tours also got to play with some Dolphins that chased around the bow of our boats!

6-21-19 close encounters with some big humpbacks on all tours both sail and powerboat. the whales have moved in to about 5 miles from shore and as long as they stay there the sailing tours will join the powerboat for some of the best whale watching on the west coast.

6-19-19 Today was another amazing day of whale watching with all tours both sail and powerboat seeing at least 6 whales feeding.

6-18-19 another winner of ma day with good sightings on all of our tours! Today it was the sailboat that had the best experience with 10 to 15 big breaches near the boat!

6-17-19 The best day in the past week! Unreal encounters with a dozen humpbacks lunge feeding on all three trips!iance with 10 to 15 big breaches near the boat!

6-16-19 great whale watching all day on both the sail boat and the powerboat as the whales are feeding in much closer than they were.

6-15-19 Today was a bit challenging when we only saw 2 whales on the 9 am tour but on the 11:30 tour we went farther west figuring we there was not much to see to the east and we found three big old humpbacks and one of the was kind enough to give us a nice high full breach with a full twist about 70 ft from the boat. 

6-14-19 Execent whale watching all day! Both trips saw 3 to 5 Humpback lunge feeding and the 9 am saw One big full high breach and a active and playful  pod of over 100 common Dolphins! 

6-13-19 No whales on the 9 am tour which was a bummer but we bounced back and found 3 on the 11:30 that showed us their beautiful tail fluks many times.

6-12-19 wonderful day for whale watching after the fog cleared we found 5 whales and they did some big lunge feeding near us.

6-10-19   5 very active and curious Humpbacks made our day and the weather was the warmest day in a long time. Happy Days for sure.

6-9-19 todays 9 am had a great show with about 100 Risso dolphins which are a toothed whale and northern right whale dolphins which I have only seen once before in my life and a white sided dolphin which are my personal favorite. But alas after 3 weeks of great trips and lots of whales today we came up empty and could not find a single big baleen whale.

6-8-19 While we have been shut down due to high winds and big waves for the past 2 days we did make it out this morning and we found 1 Humpback doing some nice breaching and we  also found a very cool pod of Risso dolphins which are quite large and light colored so they really stood out as they swam along underwater . they are about 14 ft long and their dorsal fin is 15 to 20 inches long so it sticks up quite a bit..

6-5-19 Another incredible day of whale watching today.  All 3 trips saw 10 or more whales feeding and all of them saw at least 1 breach with the afternoon trip getting 10 big breaches  some of which were 50 ft from the boat.

6-3-19 another wonderful day of whale watching, both trips saw at least 10 whales and hundreds of sealions feeding

6-2-10 Another great day with the whales, 15 to 20 humbacks that were mostly feeding but we did get 10 nice breaches by a happy playful whale near the end of the 9 am tour. That was as good as it gets!

6-1-19 Beautiful sunny sky with big puffy cumulus clouds over the green hills and an even dozen whales feeding a few mile out. At one point we had 6 whales within 100 ft of the boat. Good times.

5-31-19 today under cloudy skies we found 2 big Humpbacks that we stayed with for an hour and then we saw 3 more pairs as we were returning to the port. 8 whales in all

5-29-19 ROCK AND ROLL whale watching today! The 9 am trip had big waves and 10 Humpbacks feeding with 30 white sided dolphins and several hundred sealions. Everything was moving and rocking in the wild conditions. We had to cancelled the 11:30 trip because it picked up even more while we were coming in.  5-28-19 5 Humpbacks on the 9 am tour with big waves that made it possible to see the whales whole bodies as the waves lifted them up. very cool. It got to rough though to go back out at 11:30.

5-27-19  10 to 15 Humpbacks along with a hundred or so sealions . Some big lunge feeding also but what really made this day special was the spectactular blue skies and white puffy clouds above some amazing green hills. The beautiful Central Coast in all its glory. 

5-26-19 As the rain let up some hearty visitors from Chile and Switzerland braved the last bit of showers and were well rewarded for it. 10 Humpbacks and 300 plus sealions along with hundreds of birds in a big feeding frenzy. We enjoyed many close encounters as the whales were very curious and even our old friend Half Tail swam by to say hello. This was one of the best trips this year! 

5-25-19 Incredible encounters today! on the 9 am tour a humpback whale really seemed to like us and came over as close to us 5 or 6 feet several times!

5-24-19 After several days off due to either too much wind or too much fog we were treated to a beautiful sunny day and some magnificent whale watching. 5 to 10 Humpbacks on each tour along with hundreds of sealions all feeding in a big dynamic frenzy.  

5-20-19 After 4 days of bad weather we got back on the water and were treated to a good day with 2 big Humpbacks only 2 miles out. With the big waves from the storm we were able to see their whole bodies as they rose and fell with the swells!

5-15-19 Both powerboat tours had great experiences with a new pod of Humpback whales that have just arrived to our bay and are actively feeding. We had several close encounters with some very curious whales.

5-14-19 Nice trip today, we found 3 Humpbacks feeding with a large pod of Pacific White Sided dolphins!

5-12-19 We had to go 11 miles out but we did find 1 Humpback that gave us on big breach!

5-11-19 amazing day with both powerboat tours enjoying 10 to 15 Humpbacks and multiple breaches. It was a magical day as we were also joined by a big pod of Pacific White Sided Dolphins!

5-9-19 Absolutely beautiful whale watching with 10 to 15 humpback whales  sighted on each powerboat tour and several close encounters.

5-8-19 Great day to be whale watching! Sunny with amazing clouds and 15 to 20 Humpback on each tour. Several breaches today and a close encounter with a curious cow calf pair.