Whale watching update: It is summertime and the Humpbacks are here feeding in our bay. Join us today for some great whale watching.

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Hello whale lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world. We all know that watching these magnificent leviathans in the wild is an amazing experience but being wild animals sometimes they can be hard to find. So "how often do we see whales on our tours" is a very common question. For the past 9 years here are the percentages month by month of tours that saw at least one whale while on our tours.  January 88%  February 90%  March 90%  April 79%  May 90%  June 75%  July 90%  August 95%  September 99%!!  October 90%  November 85% and we close for December. 


Most trips will see whales but every now and then we do not, it happens when dealing with wild animals. When we do not find a whale on a trip we give you a credit for a 50% discount on your next tour! 


To see videos posted from our tours please check us out on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CentralCoastSailingCharters/


Here is what our tours have been seeing lately:

8-8-20 Another great day with hundreds of dolphins and another 40 minute encounter with a curious whale floating only 2 feet from the boat. Magical day!.

8-7-20 today we played with at least 1000 dolphins as the raced around the bay , it could have been 2 thousand as they are everywhere. we also saw at least 3 whales per trip.

8-6-20 not sure what is in the air but today we had amazing encounters with a curious whale on both trips. the whale swam with us and came up very close to us 15 to 20 times. amazing animals.

8-4-20 Big day on the waters of San Luis Bay today! the 9 am was with more whales than we could count probably 20 to 30 all feeding within a quarter of a mile of us. it was an amazing feeding frenzy. the 11:30 also enjoyed at least 10 whales feeding.

8-3-20 beautiful 9 am trip with 4 Humpback whales and hundreds of sealions and bird in a big feeding frenzy.

8-2-20 2 Humpbacks feeding in some bigish waves before the fog came in a swallowed us up so we could not see anymore.

7-12-20 through 8-1-20 we are on vacation so no whale watching for us

7-9-20 on the 2 pm tour we found 2 big Humpbacks heading south.

7-6-20  through 7-8-20 the ocean was too rough to go whale watching

7-5-20 Big waves and big whales today at 9 am. 8 big humpbacks feeding in the 6 to 8 ft swell was quite a show.

7-4-20 Happy 4th of July ! spectactular whale watching today on the 9 am tour we saw 12 whales and had 2 very close encounters with curious whales.

7-3-207 oday we did 2 fantastic whale watching tours , both tours saw multiple whales and the 9 am had a  humpback calf breach 10 ft from the boat . Awesome.

7-2-20 Super fun day on San Luis bay  with several humpbacks on all 3 tours and a pod of about 100 common dolphins added to the 9: am trip.

7-1-20 One of the best trips ever with 4 Humpback whales , 100s of Common Dolphins, 100s of White Sided Dolphins and 100s Sealions all feeding together.

6-30-20 One humpback close to us showing its tail way up in the air on some big dives and a pod of Pacific white sided dolphins stayed with us for over an hour! two humpback and hundreds of sealions on the second trip.

6-29-20 Today we were greeted with a beautiful sunny morning and lots of whales. the 9 am trip enjoyed 2 spectactular humpbacks lifting their tails high as they dove deep and the 11:30 saw 10 to 12 humpbacks and a pod of Pacific white sided dolphins.

6-28-19 fantastic day on the water! the 9 am spent some quality time with 3 big humpbacks and was graced with 2 huge breaches! the 11:30 trip found whale quickly and spent 90 minutes with two big whales as the swam across the bay showing their tails on almost every dive.

6-27-20 the 9 am trip had no luck but the 11:30 had 3 big whales around the boat for 1 hour and 2 more a little ways off. We enjoyed excellent sea conditions all day.

6-26-20 We had the trifecta today with a whale breaching 4 times close to the boat plus a pod of over 50 common dolphins playing with the boat and some feeding sea lions all in the same place at the same time.

6-25-20 one trip had no luck but the other did well with 1 Humpback and 1 Minke Whale. 

6-23-20  nice day today with 3 Humpbacks and some beautiful sunny weather.

6-22-20 Bad day no whales on either trip and fairly yucky sea conditions

6-21-20 Super morning on the bay with lunge feeding and well over an hour of encounters on each trip that went to the whales.

6-20-20 we struck out on the 9 am which was not fun but the 11:30 had a great trip seeing 6 whales and enjoying some nice encounters. 

6-19-20 Great day on the water! 9 am tour enjoyed one whale with multiple lunge feedings then the 11:30 scored with 4 whale and more lunge feeding than we could count and then we added a 2:00 pm trip that was amazing with 2 older big whales Lunge feeding continuously for 90 minutes of a 2 hour trip!

6-18-20 WHALE HO! today we saw 6 to 7 whales on each trip. some lunge feeding and 3 different cow calf pairs! these are momma whales with their babies.  the calfs appear to be a 2 year old and a couple of 3 to 4 year olds. 6-14 through 6-17 no tours due to very rough ocean conditions

6-13-20 One Humpback whale

6-12-20 the 9 am trips had some good sightings with 1 Meinke whale and 5 Humpbacks. the 11:30 trip found 1 Humpback whale that did a very large lunge feed near the boat. Nice day on the water

3-19 through 6-6-20 Closed due to Covid-19

3-18-20 Soo many whales today ! we saw at least 20 to 25 different whales, they seemed to be everywhere we looked near Pt. Bushon.

3-14-20 The trip started a bit rough under grey skies but then the sun came out ,the wind died and we found 8 Beautiful Grey whales heading north.

3-13-20 Another amazing day on San Luis Bay! It was cloudy with a chance of rain and pretty cold on the boat but the whales were magnificent with 10 to 20 grey whales sighted on each trip plus some bottle nose dolphins on the 9 am trip

3-12-20 beautiful day with lots of sunshine and 15 to 20 whales on the first trip and 2 on the second

3-8-20 Beautiful day on the bay and we enjoyed 8 whales as they worked their way north

3-7-20 sunny day in the afternoon with about 20 different whales all heading north

3-6-20 Today we saw at least 20 different whales and had an amazing experience with one that came right up to the side of the boat. It stayed next to us and under us for over 30 minutes!

3-5-20 Wow another great day, we saw 5 different pods of whales with 4 to 6 whales in each one! we lost track counting but somewhere between 20 and 30 whales were sighted.

3-4-20 so many whales today we saw spouts all over the ocean but we ended up traveling with 4 whales that just kept surfacing around us as we went north with them!

.3-2-20 Beautiful sunny Morning and 6 grey whales all moving North along the coast.

2-29-20 todays 10 am tour was amazing we found 8 grey whales and were with them for 1.5 hours of a 2 hour tour! unfortunately the wind picked up and it got a bit rough for the 12:30 trip and we were not able to find whales.

2-28-20 today was a magnificent day on the bay, sunny warm and 8 whales making their way north along the beautiful Pecho coast!

2-26-20 Spouts everywhere we had good encounters with 6 different whales and saw plenty more spouts as we looked around while we waited for ours to resurface.

2-25-20 Five  Grey whales 

2-24-20 Eight grey whales and several dolphins close to the boat. The north bound migration has started and there appears to be a lot whales heading our way this next week.

2-10-20 Four Grey Whales on the 10 am tour one of them swam under the boat only a few feet from the surface and we could see it clearly.

2-9-10 Big seas but we still found 4 grey whales on the 10 am tour the onl 1 on the 12:30 trip

2-4-20 excellent whale watching today! 5 grey whales on the first trip and 4 on the second plus 100 to 200 common dolphin frolicking about our boat. 

2-1-20 first day on the water since 1-29-20 and boy was it great! 3 grey whales on our first trip 4 on the second and third trips. Big healthy beautiful whales heading south.

1-29-20 Incredibly beautiful day on the bay! 10 grey whales and lots of sunshine.

1-26-20 A bit rowdy on the water today with some bigger swell and some wind chop but well worth it as we saw 8 grey whales total and 5 fairly close.

1-23-20 Nice day on the water, we saw 3 grey whales 2 from afar and one up nice and close.

1-21-20 beautiful sunny day with magnificent views all around Port san luis. 8 grey whales and a very interesting pod of Dalls porpoise an animal that I have never seen before! They are very fast and hit the surface with a very fast explosion of water.

1-20-20 Fun day going way offshore to retrive an unmanned ocean survey drone. We saw 3 grey whales and 2 Humpbacks on our journey.

1-19-20 What great day on the water with 2 grey whales on the first tour and 3 on the second plus a big pod of Dolphins!

1-7-20 to 1-18-20 no tours due to bad weather and prior commitments.

1-6-20 Our first day back on the water since No vember and ready for a great 2020!  3 beautiful Grey whales heading south.